Kansas City Chiefs Hold on Against Eagles, win 38-35 in Super Bowl LVII

Last night we saw the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in what was an incredible Super Bowl. The last time the fans have gotten a treat like Super Bowl 57 was the last time the Eagles played in a super Bowl just five seasons ago in their thriller with the New England Patriots. It is also the first time since Super Bowl 52 where the number-one seed’s from both the AFC and NFC faced off against each other, and just the thirteenth time in NFL history. While viewing, the attention of fans was skewed across many different events: The Kelce brothers, Mahomes’ injury, Andy Reid’s retirement possibility, and much more. Super Bowl 57 will go down as one of the greatest Super Bowl’s of the 2000’s, and we witnessed history to say the least.

Yong Kim/The Inquirer

The Eagles went into the game with one of the best Eagles rosters of all-time. The Eagles had more total yards as well as passing yards, but it was the quick striking by the Kansas City Chiefs that stopped them. Jalen Hurts played phenomenally, throwing for 304 yards and a touchdown, as well as tying the record for most rushing touchdowns by a player in the Super Bowl with three. Hurts’ combined 374 yards and four total touchdowns and no interceptions makes it one of the best performances by a quarterback in a loss. The only mistake Jalen made was his untimely fumble that was scooped up and scored by Nick Bolton, but besides that he played one of the best games of his life. Shockingly, the rushing game wasn’t exactly there for Philadelphia, something that does not hold true to their previous nineteen games this past season. Philadelphia rushed for a total of 45 yards on 17 carries when Jalen Hurts didn’t have the ball in his hand, a statistic many fans would’ve never predicted. Another oddity from the Eagles was their defense. Philadelphia’s defensive line was one-of-if-not the best in the NFL, and they couldn’t touch Mahomes. If you told me after watching Mahomes’ offensive line against the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl that they would be a key reason for a Super Bowl win, I would’ve never believed you. Philadelphia had an incredible season, and I doubt this is the last time we see Jalen Hurts playing in the Super Bowl. As for next year, it’ll be tough to try and keep this team together, but I believe the consensus amongst the NFL is that the Eagles are even close to done yet.

When discussing how team’s won Super Bowls you hear about insane statistics, legendary Super Bowl moments and much more, but very rarely does a controversial holding call that results in a last second kick to take the lead end it. I don’t want to talk about that holding call ever again, so Eagles fans, that’s all I’m saying about it. Patrick Mahomes looked down and out early, and most of us were expecting Chad Henne to be throwing the ball in the Super Bowl. Mahomes powered through, throwing for only 182 yards but having three passing touchdowns. Mahomes played exactly how we expected him to and deservingly won his second Super Bowl MVP. Rutgers alumni and Chiefs rookie Isiah Pacheco scored the lone rushing touchdown, having himself an incredible game as well. The Chiefs played exactly how I imagined they would, and the dynasty in Kansas City is not even close to over.

Carmen Mandato/Getty

In 363 days we will see Super Bowl LVIII take place in Nevada, and the biggest question has to be: who’s winning it all next year?

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