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Where Last Chance U 2023 Should Take Place


All five seasons of Last Chance U have been nothing short of incredible. To watch fringe-division one players go through the JUCO route is an experience like no other, and it’d be a disservice if it wasn’t renewed for a fifth overall season. With season 3 not yet announced, there are high chances it is already being filmed in secret, but the future is key and now would be the best time to scout it out. I attend a community college myself, and these are numerous community colleges I could see being in the spotlight of Last Chance U with varying options of how it should go.

The Return of Football

Sandra J. Milburn/The Hutchinson News

Last Chance U began as a football show, and that’s when people were originally hooked. So far these players have made it to the NFL from Last Chance U’s football seasons: John Franklin III, Allenzae Staggers, Ronald Ollie, C.J. Reavis, Chauncey Rivers, Dakota Allen, Jermaine Johnson II, and Kuony Deng. With all of this talent coming out of a JUCO school, the demand for a football season should be much higher than it is. The JUCO program I would select would have to be Hutchinson Community College, located in Kansas. With a difficult Kansas League, it will not be a cake walk by any means. Hutchinson also ranked 3rd on Saturday Down South’s top-five JUCO factories in producing SEC talent. With notable alumni such as Alvin Kamara and Cordarelle Patterson, success isn’t a byproduct, it is an expectation. Earlier in 2022, head coach Drew Dallas won the 2022 American Community College Football Coaches Association 2022 Coach of the Year. With all of this success rivaled with great competition, not only do you get the amount of players moving to the next level and beyond, but you still have those close games and drama throughout the whole season. If Last Chance U wants to go back to its football roots, Hutchinson is the place to go.

Basketballs Reign Continues

Daytona State MBB Twitter

I’m fully expecting there is already a Last Chance U team being filmed that we will get to see a year from now, so with no knowledge of who that is at this time, a new school is the direction I’m headed in. The landing spot you may ask? Daytona State College. Daytona State is currently ranked in the top-15 community college basketball teams in the country, bringing them that level of success needed to have a season. A huge thing Daytona has done in this season and many in the past is recruit overseas. The Falcons currently have six players on their roster not from the United States, a story we haven’t seen before on Last Chance U. With a great program already set up and a fiery coaching staff, the Falcons should get the spotlight in the form of a season on Netflix. Could we see Last Chance U head down to sunny Florida? It would be a shame if it doesn’t.

Last Chance U: Women’s Basketball Edition


One thing we haven’t seen with Last Chance U has been a season on women’s sports, something many would love to see. If any school deserves it, it is the Golden Lions of Raritan Valley Community College, located in New Jersey. The Golden Lions have definitely been a great team and steadily improving over the past-half decade, the team they will have set up next year is sure to be nothing short of entertainment. Located in the middle of New Jersey, Raritan Valley definitely makes their name known, especially on the basketball court. With the 2022-23 season getting more exposure through social media than any other, they are a team on the rise that I could see getting a season on Netflix, and something New Jersey deserves as well. With a fiery roster and a great and young coaching staff, everyone is looking to move on from the JUCO route, and a lot of players on this team have that potential.

A Home-run Opportunity

This is by far the most ambitious idea for a Last Chance U season, but baseball is growing amongst the younger crowd more and more every season, and maybe some Netflix screen time is what the sport needs. America’s pastime certainly has one of the most interesting ways to get up to the show, and would provide hours of entertainment as well as a direction Last Chance U has never gone. Just to show you some examples of JUCO baseball players making it to the show, the list of: Bryce Harper, Albert Pujols, Craig Kimbrel and more speaks for itself. In their previous season, McLennan Community College ranked third in the NJCAA D1 Baseball Poll with a final record of 46-11. As of yesterday, the Highlanders averaged a 3.3 GPA, their 19th straight semester of a 3.0 or better, as well as having 31 players above a 3.0, and 16 players with a 4.0. The two-time National Champions have a resume worthy of a season, and with their headline achievement of 100 MLB Drafts, it is the place to capture a story about difficult beginnings.

No matter what direction Last Chance U goes, many fans and myself will be watching. Everyone who has appeared on Last Chance U was given a bigger opportunity than before, so if not for the show itself, do it for the kids trying to make it out. Last Chance U has a lot of directions possible, but just like their show, we will have to wait and see which direction we get.

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