Where Do the Yankees Go From Here?

Death, Taxes, the Yankees having another disappointing season that just begs the question yet again, “what will they do?” The team that turned down major names in the offseason and were set to go more defensive minded trading away fan favorite Gio Urshela and Gary Sanchez for Josh Donaldon and Isiah-Kiner Falefa really ended up back firing them in the end.

Turning down guys like Carlos Correa, Corey Seager and Freddie Freeman was costly because the bats went silent in the 2nd half of the season and in October like every Yankee playoff team does hitting .173 in the postseason which was 2nd worst BA in franchise history (1963). The lack of hitting in October has brought up a ton of questions heading into the offseason that will be discussed here today.

Will Hal Actually Spend the Money

Let’s start at the top with someone who hasn’t stepped into his fathers shoes very well and Hal really has the chance to prove the fanbase wrong about his perception of a guy who just uses the Yankees as his own personal ATM. Passing on big time free agents in the past like the previously mentioned Carlos Correa, Corey Seager and Freddie Freeman but even guys like Manny Machado and Bryce Harper who’ve both publicly hinted at wanting to be Yankees. “Be in the Hall of Fame, definitely. Play in the pinstripes. Be considered the greatest baseball player who ever lived. I can’t wait.” That’s a quote from Bryce Harper when asked about his goals as a ballplayer.

Turning down stars is one of the main downfalls of the prestige of the New York Yankees from going out and signing and trading for the big stars is something we don’t see anymore. But the question everyone wants answered from Hal this offseason is, how will they handle the Aaron Judge negotiations?

So far the leading reports lean to below that Aaron Judge will indeed be staying with the Bronx Bombers by the way he’s been forming his quotes, “It’s never fun, but I think when we finally get there and secure this thing, I think it’ll make it a lot sweeter going through the tough times like this, that’s for sure.” This was said by Aaron Judge after getting swept in the ALCS and Yankee fans should be motivated by the way he said. From Hal’s point of perspective Aaron Judge draws the majority of the money for the Yankees and he knows that so from a team and business standpoint it just makes sense to give Judge what he wants. Now that doesn’t mean give him a blank check because that would lock up the team long term but give the most you can and surely the Judge would take it. 

The last question for Hal is if he does resign Judge, what will he do to improve the team? Resigning Judge should NOT be the big move this offseason and it’s gonna be how Hal builds this team around that name.

With Luis Severino as a FA, Anthony Rizzo who has an Opt Out, Matt Carpenter who’s a FA, how will this team respond to the pitiful way they got eliminated and will they finally reform to the Yankees everyone knows.

What’s Happening at GM?

Mostly every Yankee fan is calling for the head of Brian Cashman for how he constructs this roster and the best the team can do at General Manager is move on from Brian Cashman and get a new face in there with new ideas and beliefs. Now there isn’t a direct name for would take his spot but really Cashman can still if there’s just new faces keeping him responsible. When Cashman is told who to get he does a good job at his returns but the moves he made at the beginning of the offseason was unacceptable. 

If the Yankees keep Brian Cashman which is most likely gonna happen from what the reports are saying all the Yankees faithful will wish is to just get different opinions because for the amount of money Hal invests into analytics it’s really a shame for how behind the Yankees are from the curb. 

Signing for players is a combination of both Brian Cashman and Hal and they have to willingly cooperate with each other to make this team better this offseason or else they’re really gonna see a decrease in amount of fan interest because they just year after year never make a move that just says, “we’re going all in” we just haven’t seen it. 

You Deserved the “Boo”ne 

What the Yankees skipper showed in this playoff run was completely one of the worst managerial performances in recent memory. Throughout the whole season Aaron Boone just put out lies after lies after lies it was honestly intolerable. Aaron Boone was quoted saying he showed highlights of the 2004 3-0 Red Sox comeback against THE YANKEES and asked Red Sox players for advice. You have Gerrit Cole asking why he was pulled out of the game with bases loaded when they pay him $324 M to be that guy. You have Luis Severino questioning Boone’s decision to not put in Clay Holmes in Game 3 of the ALDS. Boone has just lost the clubhouse and could have been the last straw.

The only reason why Boone wouldn’t be fired is because he just recently signed an extension and Cashman has a track record of being stubborn when it comes to his moves and not giving up on them. But most Yankee fans agree they should fire Boone and honestly you can see why the guy just doesn’t have “it” in October. 

Who would replace Aaron Boone though? Well that’s the question all around Yankee faithful but one name brought up frequently is Don Mattingly. Don managed the Marlins and Dodgers and let’s just say he wasn’t really successful but he would be the most qualified for the job. Anyone from the Astros or Rays organization could be a play in factor.

Aaron Boone ejected in eighth in Yankee loss to Toronto

Roster Construction 

Now not gonna get into the direct names the Yankees should target that’ll be their own articles but here’s the plan for each player.

Aaron Judge remains at 61 HR's as NY Yankees fall to Orioles

Aaron Judge – resign but needs to prove he can step up in October to really become the Captain everyone makes him out to be.

Giancarlo Stanton – very solid first half of the season but needs to keep being a threat to be in the DH and LF position to give the Yankees some flexibility.

Anthony Rizzo – think he’ll opt-in but if he doesn’t, try and re-sign him seems like a really good clubhouse presence and played well throughout the year, one of the most consistent players.

Gleyber Torres –  my rant on Gleyber Torres could be a whole other story but for just now all I’ll say is he’s not my starting 2nd baseman on opening day.

Isiah-Kiner Falefa – Trade him if any team would take him with Volpe and Peraza on the rise.

Josh Donaldson – DFA, trade him he’s the worst player we’ve ever seen

Andrew Benintendi – I would honestly resign him if the price was right, started to heat up before he got injured and could add some much added contact this team needs.

Harrison Bader – he proved himself in October. I’d try my best to extend him. Elite defensively, solid bat and everyone loves the Bads.

Aaron Hicks – gone 

Oswaldo Cabrera – very good defender and great utility but don’t know if he’s an everyday player.

Oswald Peraza – my starting 2nd baseman on Opening Day I think this kid is a stud defensively and never got the playing time to get into an offensive flow.

Matt Carpenter – didn’t look good but if it’s cheap that a great platoon and great bench bat. Another great clubhouse guy to have around.

Jose Trevino – better than I could have asked from the trade but he disappeared in October with some questionable pitch calling but I think getting a offensive catcher to be with Trevino is best.

DJLM – stay healthy and he’s the guy who creates opportunities this team didn’t have in the postseason


Gerrit Cole – really good postseason and showed his worth and just needs to build upon that so he doesn’t have the season he had again.

Nestor Cortes – we all love you Nestor you’re everything and more just continue to be you.

Luis Severino – I think the market will be hot for Sevy but this guy seems like a Yankee for life so bring him back he still has top line stuff when healthy.

Jameson Taillon – gone leave, never come back I’m buying tickets to boo you.

Frankie Montas – Montas is gonna bounce back after being injured for most of his tenure in pinstripes and even when he was pitching. Top Line stuff never fails. I think he will return to form this season.

Aroldis Chapman – “nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, GOODBYE!!”

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