NFL Week 6 Power Rankings

This week felt like one of the more exciting this year, and it was the first time any teams had bye weeks. I won’t talk much about teams that had bye weeks unless something actually insane happens that week, you can see who had a bye week because they (most of the time) will not have a picture. Without further ado, let’s get into the Week Six NFL Power Rankings!

1- Philadelphia Eagles (6-0)

Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia wanted Dallas. Hurts continues his MVP season, throwing for 155 yards and two passing touchdowns with no interceptions. Hurts did have a lessened rushing week, only having 27 yards. Miles Sanders had 71 rushing yards, one reception for one yard, and a rushing touchdown. Chauncey Gardener had the best defensive game this week, picking off Cooper Rush two different times, and halting Dallas more than anything. Philadelphia is easily the most dominant team in the NFC, and will stay number one until the Bills do something to put themselves over them, or they lose to a legitimate contender.

Game Ball: Chauncey Gardener

2- Buffalo Bills (5-1)

Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Josh Allen gets his first win in the new Allen-Mahomes feud, getting revenge for the playoff loss, where Allen lost to a coin. Allen went for 329 yards passing and three passing touchdowns as well as 32 rushing yards. Devin Singletary was the only serious running back in this game, having 85 yards and leading the game rushing wise. Stefon Diggs easily gets the game ball, having 148 receiving yards on ten receptions along with a touchdown. Gabe Davis showed up like he tends to do in huge games, having 74 yards and a touchdown. Last but not least, everyone’s favorite frat kid disguised as a tight end Dawson Knox had a receiving touchdown. While we all expected and dreamed of another shootout, the Buffalo defense won them this game, killing the Chiefs chances with more than just thirteen seconds this time around.

Game Ball: Stefon Diggs

3- Kansas City Chiefs (4-2)

Jay Biggerstaff/USA TODAY Sports

Even in a loss, I can’t justify Kansas City being dropped from the three spot. The game against Buffalo is already one of the best this season, and is proving the Mahomes-Allen rivalry could be the next Brady-Manning rivalry we all need. Patrick Mahomes tried his best, but fell short against the Bills for the first time in his career. Mahomes had 338 passing yards, two touchdowns, but two interceptions, losing them the game on their final drive. JuJu Smith Schster had the best game of his career with Kansas City, having 113 receiving yards, a beautiful spin move, and a touchdown. Kelce broke the 100-yard mark again and Mecole Hardman caught the other Patrick Mahomes touchdown. While we all wanted to see a total of 100 points scored and an overtime battle, it was still an exciting chapter in this developing feud, one I’m sure we will see again in the playoffs this year.

4- Minnesota Vikings (5-1)


Minnesota sits atop the NFC, only really in the same realm as the Eagles and Giants. Kirk Cousins went 20-for-30 for 175 yards and two passing touchdowns, a better performance than usual. Dalvin Cook was held back rushing wise, only having thirteen attempts for 77 yards, but a touchdown. Cook had a nearly six-yard-per-carry average, the Vikings should get him as many rushes as possible. Justin Jefferson may not have had a touchdown, but he did have over 100 yards receiving, and all of Minnesota was grittying after the big win over the Dolphins. Adam Thielen and Irv Smith Jr. had the two touchdowns receiving, showing Kirk can spread the ball out all he wants. The only flaw in Minnesota’s game is really their defense, which is historically shocking. With an elite defense, Minnesota could be a dynasty, and it may be the only thing holding them back.

Game Ball: Kirk Cousins (you like that?)

5- New York Giants (5-1)

Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY Sports

Whenever I say I wouldn’t have believed you before the season if you told me so and so was this record, it’s sometimes definitely just for exaggeration. If you would have told me the Giants would be 5-1 and a top five NFL team, I wouldn’t have even listened. No one could’ve predicted this incredible start for the G-Men, not even the most die hard Giants fan. Daniel Jones played great besides the fumble, throwing for 173 yards and two passing touchdowns. Saquon had 83 yards on 22 carries and a rushing touchdown, playing his heart out even with a difficult rush defense from Baltimore. While I’m giving Jones the game ball, Julian Love made the play of the game, intercepting Lamar Jackson late to give the Giants the lead. You can try and say the Giants are the worst 5-1 team in history, or that they’ve had an easy schedule but no matter what the Giants are going to continue to do what they’ve done all season; prove everyone wrong.

Game Ball: Daniel Jones

6- Los Angeles Chargers (4-2)

Harry How/Getty Images

In all thirty-six games of Herbet’s career before facing Denver, he had a touchdown. In his 37th career game, he did not have a touchdown. Herbert completed 37 passes and threw 57 total, the highest amount of passes thrown this week. It felt like a passing competition, and it was, just not in the endzone. The only touchdown LA could get this week was Austin Ekeler on the ground. No receiver stood out this game, and even with 37 pass attempts, Herbert shared the wealth, targeting nine different receivers. I’m still not sure how LA came back with pretty much just field goals, but they did. Los Angeles needs to produce more to get in the top five, but they are a dark horse young team to come out of the AFC.

Game Ball: Dustin Hopkins

7- Baltimore Ravens (3-3)

Elsa/Getty Images

The biggest shock for the Ravens wasn’t that they lost to the Giants, it was Kenyan Drake’s incredible performance. Baltimore didn’t do much wrong in this loss to New York, they just ran out of time. Lamar Jackson had 210 passing yards along with a passing touchdown as well as 77 rushing yards, but it was his one interception that ended up losing Baltimore this game (as well as Justin Tucker’s missed field goal but I’ll never disrespect the owner of the longest field goal in NFL history). Kenyan Drake looked like a new player, having 119 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown. Mark Andrew also passed the 100-yard mark (get it) with 106 yards receiving and a touchdown. Baltimore’s defense didn’t do bad either, but I can’t tell if they’re the issue or if New York is actually that good, but Baltimore has just had a few unlucky breaks and will most likely pull it together before the season ends.

8- San Francisco 49ers (3-3)

Eakin Howard/Getty Images

The 49ers are the weirdest team in the top ten, but I personally haven’t seen enough to write them off just yet. Jimmy Garoppolo had a vintage game, throwing just under 300 yards for two touchdowns and two interceptions; classic Jimmy G. Brandon Aiyuk was the only one to score in the game, having an identical stat line to George Kittle with eight receptions for 83 yards, only difference being his touchdowns. The defense needs to step up for this squad as well as the run game, only having fifty rushing yards the whole game. The 49ers are for sure making the playoffs this year, but it’ll be a shaky season if they can’t bounce back from a rough loss to Atlanta.

9- Cincinnati Bengals (3-3)

Cara Owsley/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s nice to see Joe Burrow play like he is back at LSU with a great stat line in what was a surprisingly difficult game for Cincinnati. Burrow had exactly 300 passing yards as well as three passing touchdowns as well as a rushing touchdown, being responsible for 100% of the touchdowns scored by the Bengals. Ja’Marr Chase came to play, having 132 yards receiving with two touchdowns, being too much to handle for New Orleans. A few teams have started breaking out of their slump this week, showing they may be as good as last year. Around the halfway point of the season, we see certain teams that started hot absolutely die, but we also see teams that had a slow start jump into the playoff picture out of nowhere, something Joe and company are actively trying to accomplish.

Game Ball: Joe Burrow

10- Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-3)

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Buccaneers are having a really, really tough time in Tampa. While Tom Brady had 243 passing yards and a touchdown, the biggest highlight from their upset loss against Pittsburgh was Tom Brady cursing out his entire offensive line. “TB12” had 243 yards passing and a touchdown, which was the only touchdown Tampa Bay had. Leonard Fournette keeps proving doubters wrong with 63 rushing yards as well as 38 receiving yards and the lone touchdown reception. Scoring under twenty points feels like a common theme for Tampa Bay this season, but if Tom Brady’s Facebook and Instagram posts mean anything, he’s about to be the oldest MVP ever and get his eighth Lombardi trophy. Never bet against Brady.

11- Dallas Cowboys (4-2)

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Cooper Rush is handed his first loss as a starter in Dallas, and Dallas did not want any of Philly this week. Rush put up a valiant effort, but led the league this week in interceptions with three. Breaking the fourth wall here, this week was one of the most solid weeks this season, not many turnovers, mostly offensive masterclasses. Ezekial Elliott did have a touchdown, but was held well under 100 yards by Philadelphia’s defense. The top receiver for Dallas was CeeDee Lamb which is great, but he only had sixty-eight yards, which will never beat this red hot Eagles team. Dallas is for sure making the playoffs this year, but they will remain as a dark horse until they string a few dominant wins together.

12- New York Jets (4-2)

Jeff Hanisch/USA TODAY Sports

I have to give a formal apology for last week’s game ball, it should’ve gone to Breece Hall and that was my mistake, so to those of you (Liv Labruno) who were angry, he gets it this week. The Jets are so good that even if their quarterback doesn’t throw a touchdown, they can still win with ease. This is literally the first time in New York Jets football history you can say that about this team. Breece Hall is proving a lot for New York, having 116 rushing yards and a touchdown and getting the game ball easily this week. My all-time favorite New York Jet Braxton Berrios also scored a touchdown, which I will never not talk about. Zach Wilson didn’t really do anything, having 110 yards passing, no touchdowns, no turnovers. Not many fans saw the Jets beating the Packers, but a 17 point win was not predicted by anyone.

Game Ball: Breece Hall

13- Los Angeles Rams (3-3)

Harry How/Getty Images

Whenever a team beats the Panthers, it’ll be a shorter summary by a mile. Stafford went for over 250 yards and a passing touchdown, his only flaw being the pick six, which was also the only touchdown by Carolina. Eight different players had rushing attempts, having two of their three touchdowns on the ground. Those touchdowns were scored by Darell Henderson and Ben Skowronek, who has my favorite name in the NFL besides Michael Jackson of the Seahawks. Kupp had a good game as always, Robinson caught the lone receiving touchdown, and the defense played insane, even against an awful Carolina team.

Game Ball: Matthew Stafford

14- Tennessee Titans (3-2)

Josh Gordon was released, that’s all the news from the bye week for the Titans.

15- New England Patriots (3-3)

Nick Grace/Getty Images

People have a tendency to say history repeats itself, but we are watching it happen live in New England. Bailey Zappe got his second start of his career, having another incredible game. Zappe went 24-for-34 passing with 309 passing yards and two touchdowns, becoming the only quarterback in NFL history to have a 100+ quarterback rating in their first two starts. Four different receivers had over sixty yards receiving, proving Zappe is spreading the ball around. Rhomandre Stevenson continues to prove to everyone he is becoming another great New England running back like many players before him with 76 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns. New England takes on Chicago next week, and if I’m calling the shots in Foxborough, I’m letting Bailey Zappe stay in until he starts to decline, then Mac has his job back.

Game Ball: Bailey Zappe

16- Atlanta Falcons (3-3)

Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports

The last time the Falcons had 28 points in the third quarter and didn’t score again, they lost 34-28 in Super Bowl LI against the Patriots. Luckily, Tom Brady was not on the field. Marcus Mariota carried Atlanta to a win, having 129 passing yards and going 13-for-14 passing for two touchdowns, as well as rushing six times for fifty yards and a rushing touchdown. The 49ers dominated every statistical category besides rushing, which is where Atlanta won the game. I never expected Atlanta at .500 six games in, but in a weakened division we could see one of the first Falcons playoff teams without Matt Ryan at quarterback.

Game Ball: Marcus Mariota

17- Green Bay Packers (3-3)

John Fisher/Getty Images

If Jordan Love gets on the field for a game, it’s not a good sign for Green Bay. This game was probably the most boring first half of the season, ending 3-3 and looking like a rough one for fans that miraculously turned around in the second half, just not for Green Bay. Back-to-back MVP Aaron Rodgers had 246 yards and a touchdown, but still lost to the Jets 27-10, also allowing Jordan Love to go 2-for-4 for eight yards. There is not much to talk about for Green Bay in this loss, they just do not have the weapons to compliment Aaron Rodgers, and it shows. The move of Davante Adams did not only hurt an innocent camera man, but also hurt Green Bay more than most expected. This may have to be a rebuilding year, which may make it Aaron’s last in the Bay. If I am going to give props to any other players, Punter Pat O’Donnell takes the cake with five punts for 244 yards with a 49 yard average, also having two inside the twenty.

18- Seattle Seahawks (3-3)

Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Seattle really played their worst game of their season, but still ended up with a win. Geno Smith didn’t throw a touchdown or interception, but he did have 197 passing yards and 48 rushing yards. Kenneth Walker scored the lone touchdown, but the game ball has to go to Jason Meyers, who scored 12 points for Seattle and won them the game. I hate penalty shootout NFL games, fix your stuff Seattle, you could be great.

Game Ball: Jason Meyers

19- Miami Dolphins (3-3)

Megan Briggs/Getty Images

The dynamic duo of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle gets it done no matter who is under center, quickly becoming one of the best wide receiver duos in NFL history, only six games into their season. Besides seeing the infamous waddle celebration, the only thing Dolphins fans wanted to see was untested quarterback Skylar Thompson get some snaps at quarterback, which he did. Skylar went 7-for-13 for 89 yards, but Teddy Bridgewater was in for the majority of the game. Teddy went 23-for-34 with 329 yards passing along with two touchdowns and two interceptions. With the brutal Tua injury, Miami is in an odd spot. Rushing him back shouldn’t be an option morally, but I wouldn’t put it past the Dolphins.

20- Indianapolis Colts (3-2-1)

Trevor Ruszkowski/USA TODAY Sports

I was praying for a Colts win all week just to see the 3-2-1 in the record book for Week Six. I never saw a stat line coming from Matt Ryan that included him going 42-for-58 in a game, but it really worked against Jacksonville’s disappearing act of a defense. Along with his high volume of passes, Ryan had 389 passing yards and three passing touchdowns, having an offensive battle with Trevor Lawrence. Pittman Jr. had the most receiving yards with 134 yards receiving, but the story wasn’t one star having a great game. Ryan spread out the ball all across the field, throwing touchdowns to Parris Campbell, Alec Pierce and Jelani Woods. The Colts aren’t attempting to make a playoff run, but with a quarterback born past 1990 they may be a dominant football team once again.

Game Ball: Matt Ryan

21- Denver Broncos (2-4)

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Broncos Country, I’m out of rhymes to make fun of this team. I’ve wondered why this team got so many different primetime games, and it made sense by the end of the first quarter. If you weren’t on twitter last night, everyone freaked out when Denver looked great, having a 10-0 lead at the end of the first. This is definitely a good sign, being their best drive of the season easily, the bad news was that’s when the game really ended for Denver. Wilson had 188 yards passing and a touchdown as well as 23 rushing yards, average at best. Denver isn’t looking for someone to have to keep re-tying Peyton Manning’s shoes because they don’t fit, they want someone to fill them. As if it wasn’t bad enough to watch Denver on primetime, we got to watch them do it a second time. If the season doesn’t turn around for Denver, Russell Wilson won’t only be nervous about his job with the Broncos, but concerned of his overall standing in the NFL in what may be a sign of the times for the former third-round draft pick.

22- Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders needed some attention off of the Davante situation, and the bye week gave them that.

23- New Orleans Saints (2-4)

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Andy Dalton isn’t a “bad” quarterback by any means, but he isn’t going to be a fit for long in New Orleans. Andy Dalton threw just over 50% with 162 yards and one touchdown in a heartbreaking loss to Cincinnati. Alvin Kamara disappointed fantasy owners, having 99 yards rushing, that was it. Taysom Hill didn’t really work out this week, going two-for-four passing for sixteen yards as well as 39 rushing yards on five rushing attempts. The deep running back room could work for New Orleans in the future, but this week it may have been the death of them, having 35 rushing attempts across four running backs. New Orleans should tank at this point in their season and draft a new quarterback that suits their team, because it feels like there is a Drew Brees sized hole in this team’s offense.

24- Jacksonville Jaguars (2-4)

Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The Trevor Lawrence experiment has finally started working in Jacksonville. The Jaguars didn’t score 27 points in the past, whether it be a win or a loss. The Jaguars lost to Matt Ryan and the Colts, who fired on all cylinders for the first time this season. Trevor Lawrence had one of his best games of his young career, having 165 passing yards and a passing touchdown, while also going 20-for-22 passing. Besides his near perfect passing, Lawrence had 23 rushing yards as well as two rushing touchdowns, putting the team on his back. The Jaguars are rebuilding by all means, but with a better defense and adding more weapons, they could be the most recent expansion team to build up a great team and attempt to make a run. If football was five fifteen minute periods, maybe Jacksonville would’ve caught up in this offensive battle, but they just ran out of time.

25- Cleveland Browns (2-4)

Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Jacoby Brisett got to take on his old team in New England, and it didn’t go as planned. Jacoby had 266 passing yards, a touchdown and two interceptions in the contest. The Browns didn’t do much well on Sunday, feeling out of steam in all three sides of this game. Like I continue to say every single week, when Deshaun Watson returns, it will be much easier to rank, that is if the damage of a bad record isn’t already done.

26- Arizona Cardinals (2-4)

Tom Hauck/Getty Images

You can’t score nine points against a horrendous Seattle defense and ever expect me to say more than that about your team. It was also the weekend of a new Call Of Duty dropping, explaining why Kyler played so bad.

27- Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4)

Charles LeClaire/USA TODAY Sports

Hey Ryan, thanks for always skipping down to the Steelers section. Having 67 yards passing isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but having 67 yards passing with eleven completions is horrendous. Mitch took the field again for the first time in two weeks, taking Pickett’s job away for the time being. Pickett went 11-for-18 for an inefficient 67 yards and a touchdown while Trubisky went 9-for-12 for 144 yards and a touchdown, defeating Tom Brady and the Bucs in a group effort. The weirdest stat line of Week Six has to be that the Steelers had eight different players have a rushing attempt, combining for 77 yards total. The Steelers are having a rough season in a division where every team is struggling. The season is not over for the Steelers, if they can have some of their injuries resolved, figure out who their quarterback is and keep having Gunner pack lips for Chase Claypool, they could earn a playoff bid.

Game Ball: Mitch Trubisky

28- Chicago Bears (2-4)

Matt Marton/USA TODAY Sports

I can’t keep ruining my Thursday’s with these god awful football games week after week. Justin Fields looked like Tyron Woodley after Jake Paul hit; him out cold. Justin Fields deserves no slander after this loss, he gave it absolutely everything he had. Fields threw for 190 yards and the lone touchdown for the Bears while also rushing for a game high 88 yards. We have seen what happens to quarterbacks that don’t have good offensive lines this season, and the Bears could realistically be 3-3 or even 4-2 if they had an average offensive line. If the Bears aren’t careful, Justin Fields will be the next Andrew Luck, retiring for his own life and health.

29- Detroit Lions

I love the Lions, probably my favorite team besides the Patriots, but Detroit had a bye week and you’ll notice I don’t write much about teams with bye weeks. I bet Hutchinson is somewhere moonwalking right now.

30- Washington Commanders (2-4)

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Even in the unlikely win, the Commanders are still a bottom three team in the NFL. Carson Wentz had 99 yards passing, and that’s really all he did the entire game. Brian Robinson had the touchdown for the Commanders, forcing me to give him the game ball. I’m done talking about Thursday Night Football games for my own sanity, but don’t worry, this Thursday is Saints vs Cardinals, which is definitely going to disappoint every single fan in the country.

Game Ball: Brian Robinson

31- Houston Texans (1-3-1)

Babe wake up, we weren’t forced to watch the Texans play this week!

32- Carolina Panthers (1-5)

Harry How/Getty Images

I am genuinely the biggest P.J. Walker fan you’ll ever meet, and even I was happy to see him get benched this week against the Rams. XFL legend P.J. Walker went 10-for-16 passing for 60 yards, no real mistakes, but not enough production out of P.J. Jacob Eason came in, going three-for-five passing for fifty-nine yards and an interception. The Panthers couldn’t get anything going, in the air more than on the ground, but it baffles me that Carolina scored a single point. The offense just did not show up, the defense outscoring the offense 6-4, the only touchdown of the game being a thirty-yard pick six from Donte Jackson. Carolina is in the bottom three of NFL teams, and it really wouldn’t shock me if they were the first team in NFL history to go 1-16.

Where did your team rank? Do you agree with my rankings? Who will be the biggest upset in Week Seven? Comment down below!

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