North Hunterdon Lions Sweep Hillsborough in Volleyball Home Opener 2-0

The North Hunterdon Lady Lions have a reputation as one of the best public school high school teams in the state of New Jersey coached by Kirk Hissner. Yesterday the Lions had their home opener against Hillsborough in a two game sweep, continuing their dominance into another season. In the game team captain Senior Emma Murray led the team in kills with four, and had this to say in a postgame interview pertaining to her plan after high school.

Emma Murray #34 after a hit (pic per Nate Reinagle)

What are your plans after high school?

“I’m actually going pre-med, unfortunately I won’t be playing school volleyball after high school, but I plan to play club because I love this sport.”

Emma Murray is not only planning to continue having a dominant senior season but also looking to do great things after high school, putting the word student in student athlete.

Tommy Mazurkiewicz (left) Luke Martini (right) (Nate Reinagle)

Volleyball is a big deal at North Hunterdon, having many other athletes such as starting varsity quarterback Luke Martini and varsity basketball player Tommy Mazurkiewicz attend the game. The crowd was so pumped up before the first serve they even broke one of the chairs in the front row of the home stands in the gym.

The broken seat (Nate Reinagle)

North’s “Jungle” continues to be as dominant as ever and looks to keep opposing crowds and teams reeling while supporting the Lions as well. Senior team captain Colleen Russell commented on how much volleyball has impacted her life.

Colleen Russell pregame (Nate Reinagle)

How much has volleyball impacted your life not only as a student but as a whole?

Speaking of the “Jungle” Senior team captain Sam Wilton, who had three digs and three aces, commented on what North Hunterdon’s mantra “Lion Pride” meant to her.

Senior Sam Wilton celebrating a 2-0 win over Hillsborough (Nate Reinagle)

What does “Lion Pride” mean to you?

“I think “Lion Pride” means the “Jungle” coming out and getting together and doing cheers. When we’re in school everyone gets hyped, they say game day, they wear volleyball merch. The whole school comes together like a community, and that’s what “Lion Pride” means to me.”

North Hunterdon Volleyball looks to have another incredible season alongside Coach Hissner, who when asked any question I had would answer in a Bill Belichick manner, only saying “we have work to do.”

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