Matt’s 2022 All Star Ballot

Starting Pitchers

TBR: Shane McClanahan (1.77 ERA, 2.34 xERA, 2.81 xFIP 3.04 SIERA)

McClanahan has been debatably the best pitcher in baseball this season pitching to a league leading 1.77 ERA and he’s become completely dominant for the Rays and give them another Ace to pair with Tyler Glasnow and will become the 2nd best 1-2 punch. Expect Shane to be starting the All Star Game because of the fact that he’s been the best this year.

MIA: Sandy Alcantara (1.95 ERA, 2.61 xERA, 3.52 xFIP, 3.62 SIERA)

Sandy has been the old fashion workhorse that MLB teams haven’t had in such a long time, Alcantara recently just had an outing where he had 114 pitches and currently leads the league with the most innings pitched. With that being said Sandy deserves this All Star nod not just because of that but his stats also show that with his 1.95 ERA and 2.61 xERA. Not to mention he’s very fun to watch with his high 90’s fastball and 90’s Slider and Changeup.


TOR: Alejandro Kirk (.320/.413/.519 10 HR 165 wRC+ 3.1 WAR)

The only Toronto Blue Jay that deserves to be on the ballot…Kirk has turned himself into one of the best catchers in the league and definitely the best offensive catcher. The 165 wRC+ range is very ELITE for catching and to match that with his 96th percentile in Framing definitely gives him the case for best in the league. 100% should get the nod.

CHC: Wilson Contreras (.280/.394/.519 13 HR 156 wRC+ 2.9 WAR)

After a couple of “down” years Contreras finds himself as one of the most sawed out deadline pieces and could make a big difference offensively for a team in October. This season Wilson is up there for best offensive catcher and he’s always been like that but couldn’t do it consistently. This is another lock for the Summer Classic and for sure will be on the move later on.

First Basemen

MIN: Luis Arraez (.337/.418/.431 4 HR 149 wRC+ 2.0 WAR)

One of the most slept on All Star votes is Minnisota’s own Luis Arraez. The other options of Ty France and Vladdy are good but Arraez is having a breakout season with his ELITE ability to get on base and is a very hard out for opposing pitchers. I love guys who won’t give up and give the opposing teams too much trouble to get him out and that’s why I have him as my vote.

STL: Paul Goldschmidt: (.342/.424/.630 19 HR 195 wRC+ 4.0 WAR)

As soon as people started to count out Goldschmidt and said his days are numbered he came out so far as the lead candidate for NL MVP. Ranked 3rd in wRC+, 1st in BA, 1st in OBP, and 3rd in SLG% Goldschmidt is the biggest lock for the All Star Game this year and we’re very happy to see Goldy back into his better form.

Second Basemen

CLE: Andres Gimenez (.309/.354/.493 9 HR 141 wRC+ 2.4 WAR)

WOW who saw this type of season coming from Andres Gimenez? Getting traded for All Star Shortstop Francisco Lindor, Gimenez wasn’t expected to do much and yet we’re here voting for him to get the nod for the starting 2nd baseman for the American League. Fantastic Hitter, Fantastic Fielder, and ELITE Speed he’s gonna be very fun to watch in future years to come.

MIA: Jazz Chisholm Jr. (.254/.325/.535 14 HR 140 wRC+ 2.6 WAR)

Now is he the best option? Probably not depends on your preference, BUT is he one of the most electrifying players in the league? Most definitely yes and I feel like that needs to be shown on the biggest stage possible for the Miami Marlins. Jazz on top of having one of the best personalities in baseball, Jazz has really turned the corner in the batter’s box and now is one of the best. A kid who has blue hair, game changing drip, and hitting absolute nukes is something the MLB NEEDS to put on full blast and the All Star Game is the perfect thing for that. 


BOS: Xander Bogaerts (.326/.397/.469 6 HR 145 wRC+ 3.5 WAR)

One of the most underrated players in the league this season is Xander Bogaerts. With still way above league average offensive production Bogaerts has always been horrendous defensively and as of now he’s doing well defensively and if he can keep it up he’s gonna be getting a huge bag this offseason. Xander deserves this spot and can’t believe he’s being overlooked.

ATL: Dansby Swanson (.295/.357/.488 134 wRC+ 3.4 WAR)

Another man that’s gonna be getting a bag is the recently breakout star Dansby Swanson. The former 1st overall pick has always had the talent but finally put it together this season with a surgence of 13 HR’s. Swanson has earned his spot with his bat, glove, and legs and the ladies are really gonna love this All Star shortstop.

Third Basemen

BOS: Rafael Devers (.328/.387/.592 172 wRC+ 4.1 WAR)

Is everyone good on the Red Sox due for a big payday? Well yes Devers has been one of the best offensive players in all of baseball again with a 172 wRC+ and is nearly over every 95th percentile in every hitting rankings on Baseball Savant. He’s the modern day hitter of hitting the ball hard is gonna give you a lot of good results and he’s been doing that and personally really hopes he gets that bag…but not in Boston please.

SDP: Manny Machado (.328/.400/.545 164 wRC+ 4.3 WAR)

Currently injured and will most likely won’t make it due to that but that shouldn’t discredit what Machado has done so far this season. Somehow outplaying his +$300 M contract Machado has been really showing why more teams should have offered him more than what he got. Being one of the best defensive 3rd baseman along with one of the best offensive gives him the case for the best 3rd baseman in baseball.

Designated Hitters

HOU: Yordan Alvarez (.316/.412/.658 203 wRC+ 3.6 WAR)

The best offensive player in baseball this year so far goes to Yordan Alvarez with a league leading 203 wRC+ Alverez has really taken the corner and is a MONSTER at the plate. 23 HR with a 1.070 OPS and the ability to walk at the 94th percentile just shows how afraid pitchers are of him. Yordan is special and has the chance to win the AL MVP. It will all come down to how voters feel about the DH.

PHI: Bryce Harper (.318/.385/.599 166 wRC+ 2.7 WAR)

The reigning MVP is gonna be out for the summer classic but will be getting my vote because he deserves that honor. Harper before going out was in the mix again for MVP and still is one of the best hitters in the league. Harper has silenced the haters and showed his contract should be way higher and he’s good for baseball and baseball is good for him.


NYY: Aaron Judge (.290/.365/.636 178 wRC+ 4.0 WAR)

One of the leading candidates for AL MVP and has already got his spot in the ASG, Aaron Judge took a bet on himself turning down an extension with the Yankees and now is gonna be getting a bigger payday for taking that chance. Leading the league in HR’s and SLG% Judge is smashing baseball and has the chance to break Roger Maris HR record. 

LAA: Mike Trout (.285/.387/.650 188 wRC+ 4.0 WAR)

Were you expecting anything else? Does this need any explanation besides that Mike Trout is probably winning MVP again and keeps growing his GOAT debate. Trout is an insane man and I’m really enjoying being in the presence of someone who’s gonna be going down as one of the greatest.

MIN: Byron Buxton (.235/.314/.582 151 wRC+ 2.7 WAR)

So far Buxton has for the most part been healthy and is showing why he has one of the best contracts in sports. Buxton has the best tools in baseball with his Gold Glove, Ability to Barrel any pitch, and his ability to run as fast as anything. Buxton is doing his best to keep the Twins in playoff contention and will be given that break during the ASG hopefully.

LAD: Mookie Betts (.273/.349/.535 148 wRC+ 3.3 WAR)

Welp…he’s back. Mookie has yet again put his name back into the shuffle for one of the best players in the league. Mookie has always been one of the most exciting players and LA really hasn’t seen peak Mookie Betts yet now has that star back and will be leading the charge for another Championship in October.

NYM: Brandon Nimmo (.278/.349/.535 148 wRC+ 3.3 WAR)

Nimmo has been fantastic for the NL East leading Mets and has vascilly improved in the areas he wasn’t good in which was the field and now is in the 86th percentile in OAA (Outs Above Average). Nimmo has also been awesome with the twig and getting on base for the big powers hitters in Queens. Well deserved for Nimmo and hopefully it’s just the start for him.

SFG: Joc Pederson (.276/.350/.395 159 wRC+ 1.7 WAR)

Talking about ripping the top off the ball Joc after having a great October for the Braves, Pederson has now built this offensive profile that you could compare to anyone. 99th percentile in HardHit% and 98th in Barrel% so he’s doing very good results from that. 17 HR’s and a .933 OPS is something the Dodgers expected when they called him up and now Joc for me is an All Star Caliber player.

Mariners Prospect Rankings: No. 2 — Julio Rodriguez, RF

Under the Radar

SEA: Julio Rodriguez (.275/.334/.460 13 HR 132 wRC+ 2.4 WAR)

One of my favorite players in the league is the young star out in Seattle and has already made an impact. JRod is having a similar rookie season to one Ronald Acuna Jr and with the same tools could be catching up. Barrels the balls well at the 87th percentile, 97th percentile in Sprint Speed and 94th in OAA. This rookie impact has to be given the light so this is one of my under the radar ASG picks.

PIT: Ke’Bryan Hayes (.259/.330/.367 3 HR 101 wRC+ 2.0 WAR)

With the recent arrival of O’Neil Cruz I’ve been watching the Pirates and someone who’s recaught my eye was Ke’Bryan Hayes. Hayes has been under the radar ever since coming up. Hayes at being 5’10 hits the ball very hard and gets unlucky. Hayes you can debate to be the best defensive 3rd baseman in the league with his OAA ranking at the 98th percentile. Once the Pirates finally get going the light is finally gonna start showing on a guy who’s electric in field and could potentially electric in the box.

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