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2022 Big Board: Hush’s Top 50

You guys know what a big board is. Bluray Hush is cooked.

I always preface any article or list I publish. But it’s literally a big board. What More Can I Say besides this shoutout to Jay-Z?

Please challenge my process and ratio me. I’m trying to disgrace every player that you think should be higher, so mend my cold heart with your warm hatred for me.

1.) Chet Holmgren, rim protecting big, Gonzaga

7’0″ 195 lbs, Freshman, 20.1 years

The most complete player in the draft in terms of upside vs weaknesses
He can handle, shoot, move the ball in congested interiors, and is a generational defensive prospect
Chet erases shots like the government erases history
He’s an anaconda devouring players whole on the perimeter, combining a 7’6″ wingspan with Dance Dance Revolution champion footwork

2.) Paolo Banchero, score-first forward, Duke

6’10” 250 lbs, Freshman, 19.6 years

A beautiful scorer. Projects as a true first option offensively, and a fine to capable defender
Italian food has bred a healthy young man at 6’10” 250 lb. Power synergizes with a mix of moves to create shots at all 3 levels, esp. inside
Not selfish. His understanding of offense manifests in quality opportunistic playmaking

3.) Jabari Smith, perimeter scoring forward, Auburn

6’10” 210 lbs, Freshman, 19.1 years

Dynamic perimeter buckets, on crazy difficulty
The odds-on favorite to go first overall, Jabari is barely 19 years old and a strong 6’10”
Smith plays defense. He has the ability and tools to guard 2-4 effectively at the NBA level. He wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t so well-rounded
Highest floor prospect in class + All-Star potential

4.) Jaden Ivey, rim scoring combo guard, Purdue

6’4″ 200 lbs, Sophomore, 20.4 years

Scoring combination guard and the best athlete of the top four. Truly explosive. He’ll be one of the league’s fastest players off rip. Gets to the rim at will
Ivey is capable of creating great shots off the bounce. He’s good but not remarkable at hitting them
Not a pure point guard, but really knows how to collapse a defense. Manipulates quality facilitation by leveraging his scoring prowess/gravity

5.) Shaedon Sharpe, fill it up shooting guard/mystery box, Canada/Kentucky

6’5.25″ 198 lbs, Freshman, 19.1 years

Ceiling that could reach the best player in the entire class, but didn’t play a college game
Dynamite athleticism pairs with potential for every deep shooting tool you could ask for
Strong cutter and finisher, definitely off-ball at this stage in his development (guard skills lacking)
Set the combine record for vertical leap (49″)

6.) Jalen Duren, physical big man, Memphis

6’11” 150 lbs, Freshman, 18.6 years

Dominant force on the glass and high motor
Rangy rim protector. Punches the air out of the ball
Just beastly physique and traits. 6’11” 250 lb. and quick. Nice feet on the perimeter and long strides to cover ground from the weakside
Age of an old high school senior, could be the youngest player selected. Big upside
Nice touch, but only a threat to score inside

7.) Keegan Murray, score-first forward, Iowa

6’8″ 225 lbs, Sophomore, 21.8 years

Highest floor in the class outside of the top 3
Keegan PRODUCED: 24 points, 9 boards on 55/40/75, more stocks than combined turnovers + fouls
A quality defender with absolute dog work ethic
22 years old, but only played two college seasons. He improved from 7 ppg to 23 in one offseason, and was just a 3-star recruit despite being almost 20 years old

8.) Malaki Branham, bucket getter, Ohio State

6’5.5″ 195 lbs, Freshman, 19.1 years

Born & bred scoring guard who got better every game
After the New Year, put up 17-4-2 on 53-43-82
Turned 19 after the season ended, and has some physical tools left to unlock. 6’5.5″ and 195 lb.
Positions himself well defensively, mobile hands
Does not have the guard skills yet to handle the ball at high levels, but possesses some promise passing
Needs to find and trust his jumper more

9.) Johnny Davis, strong two-way guard, Wisconsin

6’5.75″ 196 lbs, Sophomore, 20.3 years

Despite being miscast on a poorly constructed and under-talented team, Davis did it all – and won
20-9-2 as a 6’5″ guard, leading Wisco to a 3 seed
Tree trunk strong as a whole, especially on the glass and D. The lottery’s leader in “he got that dawg in him”
Proven bucket-getter who wasn’t even built to self-create scoring. Even better off-ball at the NBA level

10.) Dyson Daniels, pass-first defensive guard, G League Ignite

6’7.5″ 195 lbs, 19.3 years

Size, playmaking instincts, and defense translate
Still developing at 19, but great salient features
Pass-first, potential lead guard who stands 6’7″ and just might be the best 1-3 defender in the class. Rebounder
Feel for the game is a lot stronger than his feel for scoring, could stand to become more assertive
Like a million guys, the three is a swing skill (I buy it)
Perfect off-ball playmaker next to high usage scorers

11.) Bennedict Mathurin, rounded modern wing, Arizona

6’6″ 205 lbs, Sophomore, 20.0 years

A wing that’s a whirling ball of skills
An athlete with serious vertical pop that can light it up from deep
Proven ball handling + usage ability. He was the engine of Arizona’s best-in-country offense
Eager to do the dirty work
Cerebral player who always sees the whole floor

12.) Jeremy Sochan, do it all defensive PF, Baylor

6’9″ 230 lbs, Freshman, 19.1 years

Pronounce it So-hahn
Forceful defender covering 1-4 (Yes actually. We throw that term around like Ty Dolla $ign features. Stop it)
Uses all of his bounce, quick twitch, and 6’9″ 230 lb. to rebound well and engulf offense on the perimeter
Toolsy little skills on O. Not much of a scorer yet, but a strong passer for his position and crafty with the ball
I heard Boris Diaw comps & will never be more tickled

13.) Adrian Griffin, Jr., outside scoring forward, Duke

6’6″ 222 lbs, Freshman, 18.8 years

Note right away that this one could burn me. Multiple knee injuries of significance have already plagued the 18 year old
If you don’t have Jabari as the best shooter, it’s because AJG could also end up the best in a Presidential term
He’s shown heavy feet hampering his defense and his explosiveness, but he’s a strong finisher at the rim
Griffin hits literally every type of shot, and it’s so visually impressive given how massive he is. Fascinating prospect

14.) Mark Williams, center, Duke

7’2″ 242 lbs, Sophomore, 20.5 years

Conveniently, Mark WiLL Made-It is as surefire a big as there is. He’ll make it. People who don’t ride rollercoasters prefer him to Duren
ACC Defensive Player of the Year who dominates the paint like Sherwin-Williams. Nice footwork outside
Nasty screener and forceful roller. Positions well
Of course he’s Windex on the glass
What a physician might call a Big Man (7’2″, 7’6.5″ WS)

15.) Jaden Hardy, score-first guard, G League Ignite

6’4″ 190 lbs, 19.9 years

Potential to be a ruthless scorer and all-around PROBLEM on O. One of the better handles out there when you factor the shots he can create off the bounce
His calling card is that shooting stroke and getting to the rack, but the jumper looked like a milk bottle at the carnival for the G League Ignite: it refused to fall
Getting open looks and missing is better than a guy who’s never been open. Buy his base, prowess, potential
Hardy’s G League season was only 13 games. SSS alert

16.) Patrick Baldwin, Jr. – Forward – Wisconsin-Milwaukee

6’10.25″ 231 lbs, Freshman, 19.6 years

17.) Jalen Williams – Wing – California-Santa Clara

6’5.75″ 209 lbs, Junior, 21.2 years

18.) MarJon Beauchamp – Wing – G League Ignite

6’6″ 197 lbs, 20.7 years

19.) Ousmane Dieng – Wing – France

6’9″ 185 lbs, 19.1 years

20.) Justin Lewis – Small Forward – Marquette

6’7.5″ 235 lbs, Sophomore, 20.2 years

21.) Kendall Brown – Wing – Baylor

6’7.5″ 201 lbs, Freshman, 19.1 years

22.) Ochai Agbaji – Wing – Kansas

6’5.75″ 217 lbs, Senior, 22.2 years

23.) Kennedy Chandler – Point Guard – Tennessee

6’0.5″ 172 lbs, Freshman, 19.8 years

24.) Tari Eason – Power Forward – Lousiana State

6’8″ 217 lbs, Sophomore, 21.1 years

25.) Dalen Terry – Shooting Guard – Arizona

6’7.25 195 lbs, Sophomore, 19.9 years

26.) Bryce McGowens – Small Forward – Nebraska

6’6.5″ 181 lbs, Freshman, 19.6 years

27.) Jaylin Williams – Power Forward – Arkansas

6’10” 237 lbs, Sophomore, 19.9 years

28.) Walker Kessler – Center – Auburn

7’1″ 256 lbs, Sophomore, 20.9 years

29.) Blake Wesley – Shooting Guard – Notre Dame

6’4.25″ 187 lbs, Freshman, 19.3 years

30.) Jordan Hall – Guard – Saint Joseph’s

6’7″ 215 lbs, Sophomore, 20.4 year

31.) Ryan Rollins – Shooting Guard – Toledo

6’3.25″ 179 lbs, Sophomore, 19.9 years

32.) Yannick Nzosa – Big – Democratic Republic of the Congo

6’10” 195 lbs, 18.6 years

33.) TyTy Washington – Combo Guard – Kentucky

6’3.75″ 196 lbs, Freshman, 20.6 years

34.) JD Davison – Point Guard – Alabama

6’2.5″ 192 lbs, Freshman, 19.7 years

35.) Josh Minott – Power Forward – Memphis

6’8″ 205 lbs, Freshman, 20.5 years

36.) Michael Foster, Jr. – Power Forward – G League Ignite

6’9.25″ 237 lbs, 19.4 years

37.) Jake LaRavia – Small Forward – Wake Forest

6’8″ 227 lbs, Junior, 20.6 years

38.) Andrew Nembhard – Point Guard – Gonzaga

6’4.5″ 196 lbs, Senior, 22.4 years

39.) Max Christie – Shooting Guard – Michigan State

6’5.75″ 189 lbs, Freshman, 19.4 years

40.) Alondes Williams – Guard – Wake Forest

6’5″ 209 lbs, Senior, 23.0 years

41.) Ismael Kamagate – Center – France

6’11” 220 lbs, 21.4 years

42.) Vince Williams, Jr. – Wing – Virginia Commonwealth

6’6″ 205 lbs, Senior, 21.8 years

43.) EJ Liddell – Power Forward – Ohio State

6’7″ 243 lbs, Junior, 21.5 years

44.) Nikola Jovic – Small Forward – Serbia

6’11” 223 lbs, 19.0 years

45.) John Butler – Big – Florida State

7’0.75″ 174 lbs, Freshman, 19.6 years

46.) Jean Montero – Point Guard – Dominican Republic

6’2.25″ 172 lbs, 18.9 years

47.) Christian Koloko – Center – Arizona

7’0″ 221 lbs, Junior, 22.0 years

48.) Julian Champagnie – Small Forward – St. John’s

6’7.75″ 212 lbs, Junior, 20.9 years

49.) Peyton Watson – Small Forward – UCLA

6’8″ 203 lbs, Freshman, 19.8 years

50.) Wendell Moore – Small Forward – Duke

6’5.5″ 217 lbs, Junior, 20.8 years

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