5 CRAZY Trades that could happen next Offseason

 After what we saw this offseason with the trades of AJ Brown being dealt to the Eagles, Russell Wilson being sent to Denver, how about Tyreek Hill ending up in Miami? Did I mention yet the best WR in the league is pairing up for his former college QB? Yeah this offseason was a game changing with players chasing that bag and sets a new tone for future players hitting the open market. So now that we know that any player isn’t untouchable now here’s 5 players I could see getting moved for a number of reasons and could end up being moves that could make a significant difference for years to come.

Cooper Kupp to the Baltimore Ravens

  The Rams were taking calls for Kupp this offseason and as of right now the reigning offensive player of the year’s contract will be expiring in 2024 and will be looking for a big bag. The Rams as of right now are in a big financial hole but that comes along with having a superteam. The dead cap along with the players they’ll have under contract in 2024 could mean they have no better option than trading their star wideout. Coming off a historic season, Kupp is someone who can take an offense to the next level and what better offense to help right now than the Baltimore Ravens. Lamar has never had a WR1 and Kupp could take Lamar to that next level of superstardom. The Ravens have the money to dish out a contract to Lamar and Kupp and with that RB committee and Mark Andrews that offense could be really lethal. They do have the draft capital to trade for Kupp and adding a guy who’ll put up constant 1,200 yard seasons with a MVP caliber QB will be the recipe for success.

Terry McLaurin to the Chicago Bears 

 This trade is the most likely to happen then the others because of the sole fact that the Commanders whole organization is a mess. With their owner being investigated by the FBI, the constant changes at QB, and the lack of anyone wanting to be there, there’s no reason for Terry McLaurin to want to stay there. With his fellow draft mate AJ Brown getting a big bag and the probability of the others (Deebo Samual, DK Metcalf) getting theres as well he will 100% be wanting one. Now why the Bears? Well they have done absolutely nothing to help their young QB out this offseason and he’s probably already not happy with that. And what better way to make your QB committed to the vision than getting him a top 15 WR in football. Everyone knows the talent is there for Terry it’s just he’s never had the QB to get him the ball and if everyone thinks that Fields was that guy coming out the draft this could be the piece that could make Fields take that Josh Allen step. 

Kyler Murray to the Detroit Lions

  In a shocking turn of events the Lions get their franchise QB that could put them in contention for a playoff bid. As of right now Kyler Murray is looking to make top QB money and at the same time wants to win and with one of the most dysfunctional front offices in football I could see Murray wanting out. Murray already hinted at him wanting to leave by removing anything Cardinals related from his Instagram. Personally I think a perfect fit for Murray is the Detroit Lions who are quietly making a very solid roster. With an above average offensive line who still have room to improve, an underrated WR room with the additions of DJ Chark and Jameson Willliams to go along with rookie breakout Amon-Ra St. Brown is already an upgrade for Kyler. They also just have someone named De’Andre Swift in the backfield who is a stud and would take the pressure off the passing and running game of Kyler Murray. Dan Cambell has built a tremendous culture in Detroit and with all the youth and the potential they contain adding a top tier QB could make them a real threat in the NFC North.

Derrick Henry gets traded (?)

 Hear me out…Derrick Henry will be 30 when his contract runs out and as of right now nobody knows what the Titans are doing. They just traded their star WR for a rookie clone of him and really didn’t make any improvements this offseason. Luckily they have a really weak division and the only competition will be the Colts, so they are good enough to win their division but aren’t good enough to win a playoff game. With Derrick Henry being the whole Titans offense it would be hard to get rid of him but he probably wants to be the highest paid RB and rightfully so but are the Titans really the team to dish that out? RB in this modern era don’t last that long and being 30 could only mean he has maybe 2-3 more solid years and is that justifiable to give him close to a max contract? I don’t have a team that could trade for him but I do think he’ll be in the market with his contract expiring that following season but I don’t know what the value is for Derrick Henry as of right now.

A.J Terrell to the New York Giants

 The Falcons are awful and I do not have faith in their front office to do anything right. Terrell was a top 2 CB last season finally taking that next step and guess what the Falcons did? They offered him in a trade package to the Texans for Deshaun Watson, like what are y’all doing? So Terrell definitely is on the market and what team desperately needs a CB1? The New York Football Giants. With a division filled with WR1’s AJ Brown, Terry McLaurin, and CeeDee Lamb they need someone who could shut them down and that definitely isn’t Adoree Jackson. The Giants should 100% trade some capital for this bonafide stud and could really speed up the progression of that defense quickly. 

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