April Fools Day has no Limits, Especially not for the North Hunterdon Boys Lacrosse Team

April Fools is a great day that happens every year filled with pranks and jokes and such, but when you can incorporate that with a morale raiser for a high school team as well, it is a classic for sure. Walking off the field of my own track practice I noticed the infamous Lacrosse locker room looked a little bit, well, different. Walking in my eyes opened wider than ever, seeing the mattress of junior Trevor Brotons, along with his nightstand, a Patagonia flag, a hamper, and many more of Trevor’s belongings. Seeing coach Chrisman and teammates Olin Schuyler and John Perrotti smirking at the prank, I had to get to the bottom of how it went down.

Olin Schuyler posed with Trevor’s bedroom

I got the pleasure to interview different members of the varsity Lacrosse team and find out what happened, starting with Olin himself.

How did you guys think of this prank on Trevor for April Fools Day?

“Well, our good friend Trevor wanted to play hardball, so he came over to my house and was waiting outside and my friend John over here said, “you know what? We are going to play operation switcheroo,” so we think what a better place to bring his bedroom other than the most disgusting locker room in North Hunterdon and put his bed and all of his valuables in there.”

After speaking with Olin I wanted to speak with accomplice and the man who thought of the prank, John Perrotti.

How did you guys get his bed and everything from his house to here?

“Earlier in the day Trevor said “We should prank Olin today. Go over to his house right after school, he’s probably going to the gym, we can go to his house and move his bed to his lawn,” so I say I’m all in on that, then I saw Olin and ran through the calculations in my head, Trevor is going to be at Olin’s house waiting for me to get there to help him, and me and Olin are going to be at his house, moving all of his stuff to the locker room because we have practice today and everyone is going to have the reaction together when he walks in. We just waited for him to leave his house and piled everything into Olin’s truck and it’s here now, and that’s kind of what happened.”

After seeing the rest of the team come to practice unknowing to the prank, I got reactions from other members of the Lions Varsity team.

Just give me a general reaction to what just happened here in the locker room.

Goalie Ricky Skalaski said “ten-out-of-ten prank, Trevor thought he was going to get Olin’s mattress and toss it on the roof, and John Perrotti pulled a switcheroo and brought Trevor’s room to the locker room instead.”

Ricky Skalaski relaxing in Trevor’s bed

Captain Joey Bello said, “If this was my room, I would have been fueming. If I walked in here and this was my room I would have been so mad because our locker room is disgusting.”

Joey was also asked to describe the event in one word, and the word he chose was “NELK”.

Seniors members of the team posed in Trevor’s bedroom

April Fools pranks are fun, but this will go down as one of the best in North Hunterdon history and a great morale booster for the North Hunterdon Lacrosse team. When asked for a comment, Trevor Brotons refused. The North Hunterdon Lacrosse team is looking to have a big season with many players already committed to colleges for their talent, and one word to describe this group of men would be grit.

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