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How the Jets can become contenders THIS offseason

 The Jets for the 1st time in a while could be in a very good spot if everything goes right this offseason with so many big names in the free agency market and even in the trade market. The New York Jets have a very promising core with Wilson, Moore, Carter, AVT, and Mekhi Becton and I believe they could make a HUGE jump this season with the available cap space and draft capital they have. The Jets are slated to have the 3rd highest cap space this offseason, 2 Top 10 picks (Thanks Jamal), 2 2nd Round Picks (Thanks Sam), so it’s safe to say they’re in a really solid spot. Positions to attack this offseason will be the Secondary and adding more weapons for Zach Wilson. The latest reports have said that Joe Douglas is willing to be very aggressive to add weapons this offseason. When Robert Salah talked to Zach Wilson after getting drafted he told Zach, “ We’ll elevate you, not the other way around.” and how much better would Wilson be if JD went out there and got a true WR1. Yeah I know that’d be awesome, but today I’ll be writing about more of a perfect offseason more than a realistic one because that’s boring lol. 

Trading for WR1

 First order of business for my perfect offseason is getting our future “for sure” WR1 by trade over drafting a WR who has a chance to bust. Now who do I have in mind? Well they definitely look like they’ll be in rebuilding mode now and we’ve done business before. Yep I’m talking about All-Pro WR DK Metcalf. Metcalf since bursting onto the scene has solidified himself as a true WR1 without even reaching his prime yet, Metcalf one of the fastest, and strongest players in the league would elevate Zach Wilson’s game to the next level. Just take one second with me and just imagine what Metcalf can do with Zach Wilson’s arm talent… Yes obviously DK had Russ Wilson for the last 2 and a half seasons but Zach is just a baby Russ waiting to be freed from his cage. So I feel like trading for a WR1 and giving up the 10th pick is way better option then drafting a non-for sure player. There might be a parade just for this trade alone haha. 

Giving Salah More Weapons on D

J.C. Jackson isn't expected to return. Who else leaves? Predicting the  Patriots free-agent class.

 Now it’s no secret that the Jets have a very raw defense and by far have the least experienced secondary in the league but there were some surprises this season with the breakout of Bryce Hall who’s actually a very solid CB, and Michael Carter Jr who looks to have some promise. Salah wants and needs a more solidified secondary and what a better way of doing that then adding one of the best CB’s in the league in JC Jackson. After the Patriots didn’t tag JC, the Jets now have the opportunity to finally add a true CB1 since the departure of Revis, JC had an incredible season with a PFF Grade of 82.7 which ranked in the top percentile among all CB’s. At the age of 26, JC is right in his prime age and adding him to a Robert Salah defense could be very scary. Another name in the secondary I think the Jets should be looking at is Safety Marcus Williams formerly of the New Orleans Saints. Marcus is one of the best safeties in the league with a PFF Grade of 80 and adding him also about to hit his prime is scary to think about. His burst speed ranks among the 99th percentile while his catch radius in the 97th percentile. So adding JC and Marcus both good ballhawking defensive players, could really change this defense from one of worst teams at creating turnovers to one of the best. How about adding another beefy boy to protect Wilson and enhance Michael Carter’s game? Well Ryan Jensen could make a difference with his 3 consecutive seasons of a 73 PFF Run Block Grade. Jensen is one of the most aggressive players you’ll see, and just from watching the Bucs playoff games you could have made that observation about him. Adding someone under center will just make this promising OLine a bit better. The Jets also have 3 pending FA’s and I’d like to re-sign 2 of them if they’re cheap. Marcus Maye coming off a torn achilles won’t be getting the contract he wished he was gonna get to now where he’s gonna get around $7-9 M annually. Maye will still be a very solid player and could really pair well with Marcus Williams on the other side. And the 2nd player is the man, the myth, the legend Braxton Berrios, Berrios was an All-Pro Special Teams player this season and the Jets were in a similar situation with a guy named Andre Roberts who thought he was hot shizzz and took a contract that he didn’t deserve. Berrios is at best our WR4 and hopefully he won’t want a big contract. So if he’s cheap 100% take him back.

The Stars Aligning on Draft Night 

 Now since in this scenario the Jets traded the 10th overall pick for DK Metcalf, the Jets now have just the 4th pick. Alright I’m gonna play out this scenario right now, the Jaguars take Even Neal 1st overall, the Lions take the hometown kid Aiden Hutchinson, and then the Texans take Kyle Hamilton 3rd overall. That leaves the Jets the man I’ve always wanted all along, Kayvon Thibodeaux. Thibs with Carl Lawson on the other side could create PROBLEMS for offensives, Kayvon is one of the most athletic specimens you’ll see on the defensive line. The agility, the aggressiveness, and just the ability to create pressure in the pocket is something the Jets have needed off the edge. Robert Salah developing Kayvon Thibodeaux the way he did with Nick Bosa is something that makes you sleep well at night, end of story. Finally I think the Jets should also draft Trey McBride Tight End out of Colorado State. McBride’s dad has even came out and said he wants the Jets to pick his son so like he wants to be here. McBride logged in 1,100 yards this season and the Jets NEED a TE and this could also really benefit Zach Wilson because the TE is always the QB’s safety blanket. 

  In Conclusion, this “perfect” scenario for the Jets offseason could realistically put them around 10 wins next year and the following years having a chance at something Jets fans have dreamt about their whole life. DK Metcalf, JC Jackson, Marcus Williams, Ryan Jensen, Marcus Maye, Braxton Berrios, Kayvon Thibodeaux, and Trey McBride. GET IT DONE JD!!

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