My Favorite Prospects in the 2022 NFL Draft

1. Chris Olave

When looking at this WR class, it’s amazing to see how much talent is in it. We’ve been seeing quite the influx in talent at this position and this 22 class is no different. One of the effects of having such a deep class is very talented players go under the radar, like Chris Olave. Olave had a dynamic career at Ohio State, totaling over 2,700 yards and notching 35 touchdowns. He was an explosive WR that displayed clean route running and impressive YAC ability as well. In this year’s class, many WRs overshadow him, including former teammate Garrett Wilson but Olave is a first round talent that will make a team very happy.

2. Devin Lloyd

As the NFL becomes more and more pass happy over the years, the need for more coverage linebackers grows. More teams look for guys like Fred Warner who can drastically improved your defense by single handily fill many holes on your team. Enter Devin Lloyd, who finished a year that saw him become a consensus All American and win PAC-12 defensive player of the year. He totaled 111 tackles, 22 tackles for a loss, 7 sacks, and 4 interceptions. Mind boggling numbers yet it still feels like he’s not being talked about enough. I believe that he can have a Fred Warner impact on any team and i see many all pro appearances in his future.

3. Malik Willis

Stop me if you’ve heard this better: A freak of nature type QB who didn’t play with the best surrounding cast in college (lots of his film is plagued by drops) but displays all the physical tools you could want in a QB. Sounds to me like the scouting report for Josh Allen years ago, now we’re getting another QB just like him in Malik Willis. Like Allen, Willis lacks the polish and mechanics you’d expect from a franchise QB but that stuff can be taught and coached over the years. What you can’t teach is the athleticism, the arm talent, and the ability to make off schedule throws. This QB class has been getting a lot of hate, and for good reason, it’s pretty awful. But Willis is the one guy who I have faith in becoming a franchise QB.

4. John Metchie

Another WR who is being overlooked thanks to this outstanding class. Like Olave, Metchie also played with a teammate that clearly overshadowed him last year in Jameson Williams. While Jameson will probably be one of the first 10 players that hears his name called come April, Metchie might have to wait till the next night to hear his called which would be an absolute steal for one of the best slot WRs in this class. Many may overlook Metchie because he doesn’t have any outstanding physical features or have the huge frame like a Treylon Burks. But if you get this guy in the right scheme and allow him to play the majority of his snaps in the slot, I think he has real potential to end up being a top 5 WR in this class when it’s all said and done.

5. Andrew Booth Jr.

There are many solid corners in this draft but 2 (Sauce Gardner and Derek Stingley jr.) have appeared to separate themselves from the pack. A name I believe though isn’t far behind them is Andrew Booth jr. For one, he has great size at 6’0 and 195 for a cover corner and has the ability to cover both the outside and the slot. While other corners may be more skilled than him, I truly believe his skill set is good enough to be a day 1 starter for a team and I think he’ll be a really good day 2 steal come draft day.

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