Booking the Biggest Work in recent memory

Sean Ross Sapp reported that former AEW Superstar Cody Rhodes could possibly make a return to the WWE and it has left the wrestling world pondering. Now, this sounds insane because of the sole fact that Rhodes has talked negatively about the company and his time spent there while also taking shots at Triple H, creative and a number of other things. Rhodes believes he should be paid the same as top stars in the company and disagreeing with Tony Khan on creative. Kenny Omega, one of Rhodes’ previous co-workers has stated in interviews that Rhodes’ seems to be in his own bubble. Omega also believes that Cody is “Insane”about his gimmick which leads fans to believe if this is a shoot or a work. , Personally, I believe this can be one of the biggest swerves in wrestling history. So,today I’m gonna be playing out my scenario of what I want to see and probably won’t have as much logic as you’d assume.

AEW Dynamite; February 23rd

We begin this booking off tonight on AEW Dynamite with a Tag Team battle royale– to determine who’s gonna be a part of the three way match at Revolution for the belts. There’s current ongoing tension between reDRagon and the Young Bucks so, earlier on Dynamite Jay Whitecuts a promo backstage talking to Adam Cole and the Bucks where he says “if you guys need any backup I know plenty of guys who can help.” And ever since leaving NJPW the Young Bucks aren’t fond of the new Bullet Club leader so they say, “this isn’t Japan anymore Jay we don’t need THOSE guys help anymore there’s a reason why we didn’t contact any of them to sign here.” So we carry on through the night until we finally get to the Battle Royale match, and throughout the match reDRagon and the Bucks both help each other out eliminating teams then in the final frame we see the two men holding onto O’Reilly’s and Fish’s legs and then we hear “THAT’S ANDERSON AND GALLOWS”, the Good Brothers have always been good friends with The ELITE and now since the Good Brothers recently rejoined the Bullet Club where does Nick and Matt Jackson’s alliance lie? Well we don’t know yet because Adam Cole comes out to try and calm everyone down and then BOOM both teams are eliminated causing a ruckus on the outside. And that’ll conclude that for Dynamite.

AEW Rampage; February 25th

Tonight there’s gonna be a backstage promo between Adam Cole, reDRagon, and the Young Bucks all talking about how “we don’t need their help.” And then Adam says, “ you know what boys, I’ll have a talk with Jay after my match next week on Dynamite against Alan Angels.” End of segment.

AEW Dynamite; March 2nd

  Adam Cole vs Dark Order’s Alan “5” Angels, a go home match for Adam Cole before his title match at Revolution against Hangman Adam Page and what’s a better way of getting into the Cowboy’s head then beating his friend. The match is winding down when Alan Angels is on the bottom rope lifeless and then while Adam is distracting the referee, BANG!! Steel chair headshot from the Switchblade and while lifeless on the canvas Adam pins Alan 1…2…3. Cole picks up a microphone and tells Jay White to get back into this ring NOW. “Jay, we’ve been buddies for a long time now but last week on Dynamite when you had the Good Brothers sabotage my brothers Kyle and Bobby taking away their title shot and then the audacity to distract my best friends the Young Bucks getting them eliminated as well is where I cross the line. Jay I think it’s time you go back through the forbidden door and never come back.” Adam puts down the mic and leaves the ring. 

AEW Rampage Go Home Show; March 4th

We have the classic Go Home Show promo between the Champ and the Challenger where it’s a back and forth affair, and of course it has to end in violence. ReDRagon comes out and attacks the Champ again, Dark Order come in for the save but the Young Bucks come and even the odds. While Hangman is setting up the Buck Shot Larriat on Adam Cole, POOF!! Jay White pulls Hangman off the apron and drags him into the ring, and while holding up Hangman telling the Bucks to Superkick him, Hangman MOVES out the way and the Bucks end up super kicking Jay White…Jay rolls out the ring and starts yelling, “THAT’S THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOU’LL EVER MAKE, ADAM WATCH YOUR BACK.”

AEW Revolution; March 6th

The PPV is moving along as accorded and then half way through the show it cuts back to a camera man running over to a laid out Adam Cole with a Bullet Club shirt laid upon his body. Now it’s time for the MAIN EVENT!! And with Adam Cole’s health up in the air, Hangman Adam Page comes out 1st and then while he’s standing in the ring, lights..go..out. The Prelude begins and the crowd knows what’s happening…”wrestling has more than one royal family” OMG WHAT IT’S CODY RHODES, boos rain down upon and then coming out the heel tunnel is Cody Rhodes with a Bullet Club shirt on. The match starts and the whole wrestling world is in shock, the match is 5 Star Caliber and then Hangman again is looking for the buckshot and then Cody moves the referee in the way of getting hit. Cody signals for help, and here comes the Bullet Club, Anderson & Gallows, Chris Bey, and Jay F’n White. Gallows and Anderson pick up Hangman and hit the Magic Killer, Cody yells, “MORE” and then Jay White picks him up and hits the Bladerunner. Then the final blow Cody gets Hangman in position for the CROSS RHODES, 1….2…3… then the arena goes quiet and you hear, “the winner of this match and new AEW World Heavyweight Champion, the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes.” Cody stands talls as the most hated man in professional wrestling, the man who lied about going to the fed just to get more publicity, the man who broke his own promise of not going for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship again, the man who just put down the most beloved wrestlers and sold his sole to Bullet Club AGAIN.

The Aftermath:

Over the next couple of weeks we get promos with Cody and Bullet Club talking down upon Adam Cole, Hangman, and the Young Bucks. We get a backstage segment where Hangman goes into the ELITE’s locker room asking them if they wanted to team up and get those SOB’s because we all have a common enemy. So Adam Cole and the Young Bucks confront Cody and the Bullet Club in the ring then a 5 on 3 assault begins and then Ghost Town music hits and HERE COMES THE COWBOY, Hangman tries his best to clear the ring but the numbers game is still a big factor and then Jay White has Adam Cole in position for the Blade Runner…ARE YOU READY FOR THIS!!! “ BY GAWD IT’S KENNY OMEGA!!” Omega storms the rings and clears house and then Kenny and Hangman have a face to face confrontation in the middle of the ring and then out of the blue they both hits the ropes and hit in sync suicide dives to the outside whiping out Bullet Club, and it ends the night with Adam Cole, Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, and the Young Bucks standing talls and united. And this is where I book Blood and Guts at AEW x NJPW x IMPACT PPV. Bullet Club vs The ELITE.

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