Five Most Bizzare Super Bowl Records

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events globally every year, and the finish to every NFL season. In the past couple seasons we’ve had records made such as the first overtime Super Bowl ever, being Super Bowl LI, or the most combined passing yards thrown for when Brady and Foles faced off the year after. Both incredible records, but today the discussion will be five flat out bizzare Super Bowl records that won’t be shown as a Sabermetric in the big game.

Fewest Points in a Half Combined: 2, Super Bowl IX (PIT 2, MIN 0)

When there is Super Bowls that are lackluster such as the final score of Super Bowl 53 being only 13-3, it gets boring. The first half and especially the second quarter is one of the most watched points because it is right before the halftime show. Usually those who care about only who is performing get excited in the final two minutes before half, but Super Bowl IX was the opposite. The score happened because of another record, the first safety in Super Bowl history. After a botched snap to Minnesota Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton was recovered by Fran in the endzone, the Steelers were awarded two points. A safety in any game is a cool thing to get to watch happen, but in the Super Bowl it is even more special, only occurring nine times, the last happening in 2014. The game finished 16-6 to get the Steelers the first of their four Super Bowl’s in six years, an incredible run by Pittsburgh’s Steel Curtain Defense.

Fewest Pass Completions in a win: 6, Dolphins, Super Bowl VIII

A year before the safety Super Bowl, the Dolphins set what may be the most unbreakable Super Bowl record currently standing, not being broken for now forty-eight years. Bob Griese was the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, going 6/7 and 73 yards. Thanks to running back Larry Csonka, who had 53 rushes, the ball didn’t need to leave the ground much. The Dolphins beat the previously named Minnesota Vikings 24-7, now putting the Vikings on the end of two of the wackiest Super Bowl records.

Consecutive Coin Tossed Won: 14, NFC

Ben Liebenberg via AP

The coin toss is one of the biggest prop bets for the Super Bowl, but the odds of winning a coin toss fourteen times in a row is 1 in 16,384. The NFC won the coin toss starting in Super Bowl XXXII with the Green Bay Packers. The coin toss win streak had its last NFC team win in Super Bowl XLV, again with the Green Bay Packers. During that run, 9/14 AFC teams won those Super Bowls, proving the coin toss in reality doesn’t mean much. But bet tails, it never fails. Patriots won Super Bowl LI with a tails call, I’m not promoting betting, but if you are of age, bet tails. *wink*

First Movie Trailer in a Super Bowl Ad two Years Apart: Rise Of Gru, Super Bowl LIV and Super Bowl LVI

Due to COVID-19, the Minions spin-off was delayed two years. After doing well in Super Bowl LIV’s advertisement, the world was hit with a pandemic, halting the movie in its tracks. Now, two years later, the trailer is set to air once again for today’s Super Bowl, one of the more obscure records for the Super Bowl. Just like the Moon, Gru is now attempting to steal ad space and records for the Super Bowl.

The Punt Return Super Bowl Record

Tannen Maury/ APE/EPE

One of the only things to never happen is the Super Bowl is a punt return touchdown. In fifty-five years, a punt return touchdown has yet to take place. Now the big question is, will this record be broken today in the Bengals Rams Super Bowl in Los Angeles, the second home Super Bowl ever. Will practice squad player Trent Taylor get his chance to shine? Who knows. All I know is, today will be a great Super Bowl and many obscure records will be broken, just like every other Super Bowl. Enjoy the wings and prop bets folks!

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