Clinton Township Recreational Basketball is the Heart and Soul of Clinton

Bennet Garvey-Blackwell walking back on defense (Nicole Wilson)

For many people outside of the town of Clinton, New Jersey, you’ve never heard of “CT Rec” Basketball, but if you are from Clinton or go to a surrounding high school, you know Rec better than anybody. Rec Basketball is different from any other recreational basketball league, because the kids actually care. Whether it be the Twitter or Instagram made for it, the constant jabbing and technical fouls, the parent rivalries, rec is a show. Rec is so popular it gets more fans in attendance than the nearest high school North Hunterdon, and not by a close margin.

James Green blocks Thomas Markovich (Nicole Wilson)

The Rec Twitter started back three-to-four years back by Pierce Butler. Pierce wanted kids talking and having beef, an easy way to keep track of wins and scores, and make it more entertaining. Since then the Twitter tradition has now continued. Current leader in the scoring title race James Green owns an Instagram for the account as well, starting a new tradition.

Vlogger Shaney Dunn in game (Nicole Wilson)

As if it couldn’t get more professional, the league has a vlogger who puts videos on Youtube, and even a photographer. Nicole Wilson offered to take pictures for team Garvey-Blackwell, and now is a fan favorite, having a picture of the day segment on the Twitter and Instagram. While questionable referee play and multiple other factors make this league feel like your average recreational basketball league, Clinton Township Rec is not average by any means.

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