Jean Montero and Overtime Elite will Change Basketball, and it Starts with Jean Montero

Jean Montero was a definite to play in the NBA after his play in the Dominican Republic, but not only is he making a name for himself, he’s making a name for Overtimes new team Overtime Elite. Overtime Elite is said to give athletes a better pathway to be professional athletes, and in their inaugural year, already have a first-round pick in the NBA draft playing for them. Jean is on loan from ACB team Gran Canaria, and when he is eventually drafted, and NBA team will have to buy him out. Overtime Elite’s biggest talking point is that they are paying players. Every player on the team will be making six-figures a year, which is beautiful.


Ryan Gomes OTE team is the best of the three, having an 8-0 record this season, and beating both other teams. Jean Montero is head and shoulders above the other teams best players, and it shows. Jean was the first player in league history to get a triple-double, a big feat and a cool stat to be the first to accomplish. Jean turned eighteen just five months ago, and is tearing up prep schools all over. The 6’3″ guard is a problem on the court and will put Overtime Elite on the map, being their player to ever make the NBA. Jeans ability to score and pass at will is great, while he is still getting your team rebounds at 6-foot-3-inches.

Overtime Elite looked as if it could’ve been a failed startup with many players nervous of joining, but with bigger names continuing to join the league it will only get bigger. Overtime Elite is a great thing to be a part of if a high schooler is willing to leave their high school for money and publicity. Jean Montero will be the biggest thing to happen to OTE so far, and if he does well in the NBA, Overtime could look like geniuses.

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