AEW Dynamite (9/15): Adam Cole Debuts!!, plus more

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means!! AEW Dynamite in Newark NJ has a stacked card for the 1st show in the Tri-State area featuring CM Punk, Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston, Darby Allin, Bryan Danielson, and Adam Cole… bay bay.


Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs 2point0 

  Since joining AEW, 2point0 has been targeting Moxley & Kingston to try to make a name for themselves. So far they have not been successful but could tonight be the turnaround for 2point0 at the expense of two of the top names in the company. Moxley & Kingston could be focused on other things going into this match, Mox still has Minoru Suzuki looming over him looking for revenge, and Kingston still has some unfinished business with TNT Champion Miro. Can this tandem keep their focus on the dangerous up and coming 2point0 or will worrying too much about outside interference cost them?

Jade vs Leyla   1920x1080.jpg

Jade Cargill vs Leyla Hirsch 

  David vs Goliath. 6’0 shredded Jade Cargill vs 4’11 Leyla Hirsch. At ALL OUT Jade threw Leyla out of the battle royale which set up this match. Last night on AEW Dark, both of them picked up wins over local talent and both looked dominant. They had a little scramble at the end of the show but it was quickly broken up. They finally will get their hands on each other TONIGHT!! Can Jade continue her crash course to the AEW Women’s World Championship or will Leyla Hirsch pull off one of the biggest upsets in AEW history?

Darby vs Spears   1920x1080.jpg

Darby Allin (w/Sting) vs Shawn Spears (w/Tully Blanchard) 

  This match is more for the managers than the actual wrestlers. It seems like Sting and Tully Blanchard might have a WRESTLING match in 2022. Let me repeat that… Tully Blanchard vs Sting could happen in 2022. Last week Tully Blanchard called out Sting on Dynamite and stated that he talked to Tony Khan to get this match signed for tonight. Tully was rambling on about how Sting is latching onto younger talent like he’s always have and trying to get the rub he couldn’t by himself. Sting retaliated on Rampage but it was shortly lived by Shawn Spears attacking Darby behind Sting’s back hitting a C4 on the floor. Both men are looking to climb back up the rankings and this could propel them both back to the promise land. 

Bryan Danielson Addresses Kenny Omega 

 The American Dragon has his eyes set on gold and is looking to take the tag of “Best Wrestler in the World” as well. Danielson has now interrupted Omega twice since joining AEW and is trying to get under his skin to get that title shot. Omega vs Danielson WILL be one of the greatest professional wrestling matches that your eyes will lay on and hopefully in a long shot we get to see it next week at Arthur Ashe for personal reasons. What will Danielson say to get his title shot tonight? Will there be an attack by the ELITE?  

Adam Cole vs Frankie Kazarian    1920x1080.jpg

Adam Cole vs Frankie Kazarian 

 Adam Cole is one of the best wrestlers in the world and at one point he was the best wrestler in the world. Adam Cole has already been in 4 5-Star Matches in his career, in 2021 alone he has 6 4+ Star matches. Cole has been a World Champion everywhere he goes and will forsure be AEW World Champion one day. But the problem with that is that his fellow stable mate Kenny Omega holds that. But tonight he will be going up against a 20+ year experienced Frankie Kazarian, the last time these two were face to face was in a tag team match in 2017 at ROH Honor Reigns Supreme. Cole’s gonna be looking to make a statement tonight and show why he’s “ELITE”, or will the “ELITE” be hunted down by the ELITE Hunter and ruin the debut of Adam Cole BAY BAY!!

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