Six Potential Storylines For The NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are barely weeks away, and the NBA world is itching for the first NBA Finals with fans since the Raptors won in 2019. This year feels odd due to LeBron getting bounced out in only the first round, Curry not making the playoffs, the insane amount of injuries and other feelings alike, but the storylines possible for the Finals and the unwinding of the playoffs is as insane as it gets, with some heroics due to happen regardless of who wins. Well, besides Brooklyn, everyone loves to see super teams fall.

Atlanta Hawks

Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

Trae Young and company brought the Atlanta Hawks past the New York Knicks in the first round in a series not many people saw panning out the way it did, and has now brought the all-mighty Philadelphia 76ers to a game seven. If Trae Young can defeat the 76ers in the Eastern Conference Semi Finals, he could seemingly end the process before it finishes and implode the 76ers. If he goes farther and let’s be generous and say he wins it all, it would be the first time the Hawks win the NBA Championship in sixty-three years, and the first title for Atlanta sports since 1995, the last time the Atlanta Braves won the title. This will also make the rivalry of Luka vs Trae a lot more interesting, giving young Trae a title very early in his career. Trae Young has had one of the coldest playoff performances lately, and if he can bow to the crowd of Philly and beat the 76ers, it’d be a very impressive feat for the young gun in what is only the beginning of his career.

Philadelphia 76ers

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

“The Process” has been in action for what feels like thirty-eight years now, which is actually how long it has been since the 76ers have brought the city of Philadelphia a championship. Joel Embiid was snubbed of All-NBA First Team, and this is his way of proving everyone wrong. Not only would Joel be a hero, but if Ben Simmons can put up stats in the rest of the playoffs, it would silence his heavy critics for a while too. It would also be Seth Curry’s first NBA Championship, something everyone would love to see happen. If Philadelphia can win it all, the city better grease the light poles because COVID or not, Philly is going to tear down the city just like they did when the Eagles defeated the Patriots in Superbowl fifty-two.

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets are an odd story headed into the playoffs finish, and are easily the most hated team, giving me a Warriors vibe as a whole. You have star Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant who is coming off of a career-altering injury, James Harden who gave his heart to Houston and didn’t get any gold on his finger in return, Blake Griffin who everyone counted out as done with injuries, and last but not least, Steve Nash. Steve Nash went ringless in his stories career and first year as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets could reward the team with their first NBA Championship in team history and the first gold they’ve won since winning the ABA Championship back in 1976. And if it is Suns vs Nets, Nash could beat his old team for his first title, a poetic matchup and story by all means. Kevin Durant adding yet another super-team ring to his trophy collection, Kyrie getting his first title since leaving LeBron, James Harden winning his first ring, and Blake Griffin with the chance to either take on Chris Paul, his teammate who couldn’t win a title with him, or his old team that he couldn’t win a title with. The story can’t get much better than this, and everyone loves a villian.

Los Angeles Clippers

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Clippers have felt like the middle child of California basketball forever. Always little brother to the Lakers and Golden State, and only being better than the Sacramento Kings. With Kawhi most definitely out for the rest of the playoffs, this is Paul George’s time to shine and prove he is not a playoff choker. The options are endless for the story here. Paul George could beat the curse of the Clippers, giving the team their first title ever, could beat LAC’s old companion Blake Griffin, dethrone Giannis, destroy the 76ers, end Trae Young’s hot streak, all beautiful options here, all ending in a potential first title for PG13. If Paul George and the Clippers win it all, get ready for all the closeted Clippers fans to jump out after decades of hiding and embarrassment, and get ready to hear why Kawhi is not a big deal anymore.

Milwaukee Bucks

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Giannis has had the Paul George esque treatment, a playoff choker with no accolades besides his back-to-back MVP’s, and this would end all Giannis slander. If Giannis can defeat the “unbeatable” Brooklyn Nets, it will be the greatest accomplishment of his career, and if he wins a championship, it only gets sweeter from there. Giannis could also end the forty year drought of gold for the Bucks, not winning since Kareem played for them. Giannis winning it all would be the feel good story we want, but is probably the one you expected on this article the most.

Phoenix Suns

David Zalubowksi/AP Photo

Devin Booker has an opportunity to seal his fate as an NBA great, and put the Suns in the history books forever. This would be the first Finals appearance for the Suns since Charles Barkley played for them, and could also result in Chris Paul beating his old team to get there, and winning his first NBA Championship. Devin Bookers first playoff run would include dethroning the reigning NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers and being LeBron James first first round exit of his career, sweeping the MVP Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets, ending the Clippers season early, and potentially beating the superteam Nets and former player who couldn’t get it done for the Suns Steve Nash. This story is obviously the best possible, and it would have to get Devin Booker in some conversations for sure. I hope you enjoyed reading, Shaney out.

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