Will Ospreay to NXT UK?? / Wrestling News (5/27)

Will Ospreay is one of the best wrestlers in the world without a doubt, and one of the best in the world that hasn’t touched ground in WWE. Per Voices of Wrestling (via their Patreon), this is the talk of several Japanese wrestlers and NJPW office staff, with one particularly vocal about their belief that NXT UK is Ospreay’s endgame. Recently Ospreay had to vacate his IWGP World Heavyweight Title due to a neck injury that looks bad but before that Will and NJPW had a disagreement about Ospreay wanting to go back to the UK while they wanted him to stay in Japan. If the report of Ospreay’s end goal is NXT UK that’d be big for the brand, we can all agree since Pete Dunne went to the US full time NXT UK hasn’t been the same. So adding a big name like Ospreay would put the brand on the map, imagine the matches that could happen, Walter vs Ospreay, Tyler Bate vs Ospreay, Dunne vs Ospreay, Jordan Devlin vs Ospreay, and Ilja Dragunov vs Ospreay like lord have mercy that’s 5 PPV main event worthy matches. And like Dunne the NXT UK switch would most likely end up with him going to NXT where so many dream matches could happen. My dream match in NXT would be baby face Johnny Gargano vs heel Will Ospreay, that’s screaming 5 star match right off it. If you aren’t familiar with Ospreay’s work go watch his matches with Lance Archer, Shingo Takagi (2021,2019), Zack Sabre Jr (2021), Okada, Hiromu Takahashi, all these matches are 5 + Star matches. Adding Ospreay would be WWE’s biggest signing since AJ Styles and he’ll be up there with Seth Rollins and AJ for best wrestler in the business. The last thing I’ll say right now is if this happens and we don’t get Seth Rollins vs Will Ospreay at Wrestlemania or an event where they’ll give them time, they would be missing out on possibly a top 5 match of all time, the storyline is already there so all you need to do is put the pieces together and make it happen. 

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