No Experience vs Less, Knicks fall to buzzer-beating Trae Young

The New York Knicks stepped onto the court for a play-off game for the first time in eight years last night, and the crowd was electric. Watching the Knicks players run to the court for the first time since I began watching the NBA gave me chills at work, and the game did the exact same thing. The Knicks lost to the Hawks 107-105, the Hawks taking the lead with just 0.9 seconds to go in the contest. Even though the Knickerbockers lost, it was a beautiful game and it excites me for what should be an incredible series.

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE Via Getty Images

Julius Randle ran out of fire at the worst possible time, only scoring fifteen points. Julius went six-for-twenty-three in the game last night in thirty-six minutes, having his worst shooting performance of the season. He did grab twelve rebounds and dish out four assists, something I can’t be upset about at all. This won’t be an all series thing and even without their NBA All-Star, the Knicks still had a close contest. RJ Barrett’s playoff debut didn’t go to plan either, only scoring fourteen points, but grabbing eleven rebounds. Two of our brightest players had subpar games, but the rest of our team really showed up. Sixth-Man-of-The-Year candidate Derrick Rose had a signatured game, dropping seventeen points, and grabbing five rebounds and five assists. Immanuel Quickley had an efficient ten points in a good game for him. The MVP of the game for the Knicks was easily Alec Burks. In twenty-six minutes Alec Burks scored twenty-seven points, going three-for-five from three and was carrying the Knicks on his back for the entire fourth quarter, scoring seventeen of his twenty-seven points all in the fourth. The Knicks shot a decent thirty-three percent from three and forty-five percent from the field, and kept up with most of the Hawks stats. The Hawks did great, Trae Young having a game-high thirty-two points, a buzzer beating shot to win and flirted with a triple double in the game. The Hawks just barely outplayed the Knicks, and I expect Wednesday to be a different story. Thank you for reading, go Knicks, Shaney out.

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