The Klu(hit)less Rangers

 Last night was a special night for the New York Yankees and especially for Corey Kluber. 9.0 IP, 1 BB, 9 K’s, and 0 HITS!! Corey Kluber becomes the 12th Yankee to throw a no-no and his 1st in his Hall of Fame career. Kluber had everything working he had his slurve working to perfection making guys look silly. The Slurve was moving right to left in ways that’s not normal, the fastball was on point as well sitting around 95 which is up from where it started. Kluber has been spectacular in his last 5 starts with a 2.10 ERA, 2.50 FIP, and averaging 7.2 strikeouts. This is a sort of prime Kluber stretch we’re seeing right now and it’s making Brian Cashman look like Albert Einstein. Kluber got run support from Tyler…..WADE out of all people, who got an RBI triple to right center and then scored on a sac-fly from DJ to make the game 2-0 going into the 7th. The KluBot persona really helped Kluber stay calm and he didn’t look nervous at all and stayed calm and pitched like it’s the 3 inning in a random game in August. Tyler Wade can also be credited with some clutch defensive plays in right field, in the 9th inning David Daul hit a lazy line drive to right that was drifting and even though that ball had a .160 xBA Wade tracked it down and saved Kluber, so let’s give the kid at least credit for this game. I’ll end us off with a fun fact, the last 3 no-no in Yankee history that same season ended in a World Series Championship so could this be the start for 28… 

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