Estevan Florial should be Called up soon

  Even though Aaron Hicks has been putting bat on ball recently that cannot discredit his awful start to the season. And to be honest with you he’s been like this since he got Tommy John. The difference from last year to this year is that Hicks used to get on base at around 38% from having a good eye and now he’s at 30% already at the start of this season. Hicks has a career .233 BA and I would say that is horrible but the way the game is going that’s becoming the average which is insane to think about. And is that his fault, I couldn’t tell you because when he hits lefty I’d say 90% of the time he hits it to the right side so it’s so easy to shift against him, if you’re a pitcher you want Aaron Hicks to make contact with the ball because unless it’s down the middle or a hanging breaking ball the contact won’t be hard. And people want to talk about how “Hicks is a really good fielder with a really good arm” but advanced stats don’t show that, since 2018 Aaron Hicks has had an average of -4.75 DRS and has a .27 ARM (Outfield Arm runs above average). His DRS was ranked 52nd amongst all outfielders which isn’t the greatest for “one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball”. 

Positives of Bringing up Estevan Florial

 Estevan Florial brings something that this team doesn’t have and that is a lefty bat that has pop, a really good defender, and has speed, something the Yankees need in their lineup when Brett isn’t slotted in. Florial so far in AA in 8 games has 4 HR, .233 BA, .324 OBP, .700 SLG%, and a 1.024 OPS, Florial has been doing this ever since touching ground in Milb. Ever since 2017 the Yankees outfield has been crowded and Florial never got a chance to shine, he probably would have gotten called up in 2019 if he didn’t get injured. Florial finally got called up in 2020 but only had 3 AB and had a hit against Michael Wacha. He’s accumulated over 73 SB over his Minor League tenure which would be enough to still lead the Yankees. The Yankees haven’t had a guy that could consistently turn singles into doubles since prime Gardner and that means when he does get on base he’ll be able to steal 2nd with ease. Guys like Trea Turner, Billy Hamilton, Adalberto Mondesí are guys who can get singles and turn it into doubles very easily. When you’re going against an ELITE team like the Dodgers, White Sox, Braves, and Padres you need to think outside the box to beat these types of teams and playing small ball with speed like Florial can change the outcome of a game and possibly the series. The final thing I’ll say and I’m NOT comparing them but in 2005 the Yankees were struggling at the plate, they were 11-15 one of the worst starts in franchise history but they called someone up that changed the culture and turned the season around. They called up Robinson Cano. You never know what these prospects could bring to the table once they step onto a Major League Diamond so give the kid a chance before it’s too late.

Negatives of Bringing up Estevan Florial

Like I stated above the crowded outfield of the New York Yankees will hurt Florial’s chances to get consistent At-Bats. Hicks, Gardner, Judge, Clint, and used to have Tauchman but since that trade I think Florial being called up to be that 2nd OF off the bench could really be beneficial to him. The main negative of Florial’s game is the consistent strikeout, Florial averages around 301 Plate Appearances per year and per year he averages 97 strikeouts which comes out to be a 32% K rate which would be one of the highest in the league. There isn’t a lot of flaws in Florial’s game but the main one could really hurt him in the majors or even hurt his chances to make the show because of the fact the Yankees already have a lot of high K% players. 

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