AEW Dynamite (5/12/21) : 3 Title Matches!! Fallout from Blood and Guts

 After a controversial ending to Blood and Guts, All Elite Wrestling will be looking to bounce back in a major way. 3 title matches with one of them not even being a championship from their promotion. The forbidden door has been open since Kenny Omega sided with AEW Executive Don Callis. Then on a random episode of AEW Dynamite NJPW Star Kenta showed up to attack Jon Moxley who would later verse in a IWGP US Championship match. 3 matches announced for this show and they will be in the words of Jim Ross a, “Slobberknocker ”. 


AEW Tag Team Championship Match

Young Bucks (C) vs SCU 

Friends on and off the screen, Nick, Matt, Frankie, and Christopher have spent Christmas together, Thanksgiving, have traveled the world together and bleed through tears together. The Young Bucks saw Frankie Kazarian in their 1st Indy event and always wanted to be him and safe to say they did. With the recent changes to the Bucks where they aligned with Don Callis and Kenny Omega SCU hasn’t been the biggest fans of them and see that these aren’t the Bucks they know. A lot is riding on this match with the stipulation that if SCU loses they have to break up and this will be a great match from a storytelling standpoint and not to mention all 4 of these men are top tier wrestlers all time and of right now. 


IWGP US Championship Match

Jon Moxley (C) vs Yuji Nagata 

I still cannot believe that we’re gonna see the return of Japanese legend Yuji Nagata to the USA on National Television!! The 2x IWGP Heavyweight Champion who recently turned 53 will be taking on debatably the best wrestler in the world and is clicking on all cylinders right now. The last time Nagata was seen was in 1998 in WCW where he won the WCW World Tag Team Championship with Kensuke Sasaka. But he ain’t coming back to the US with an easy task, ever since Jon Moxley got screwed over by Don Callis in the AEW Championship match he’s been safe to say very pissed off and has steamed rolled everyone in his way with his new allegiance with Eddie Kingston. This will be a hard hitting match with strikes and blows that’ll make you think you’re watching Fury vs Wilder. If Moxley does retain, who’ll step up for the IWGP US Championship? Will they bring guys like Zack Sabre Jr? Minoru Suzuki? SANADA? Ibushi? Let’s wait and see what the “Forbidden Door” Tony Kahn has up his sleeves. 


TNT Championship Match

Darby Allin (C) vs Miro 

After getting his ”dead weight” off his shoulders Miro looks to bulldoze another opponent to get to the top, but this ain’t just another opponent. Darby Allin has been a fighting champion ever since winning the title but this could definitely be the biggest threat to his reign so far. Miro who’s 11-1 so far with his one loss being him not even being pinned against Best Friends will be going against a 31-11 Darby Allin who uses every last breath to be able to hold onto his championship every week. We’ve seen Miro break bigger people then Darby Allin so how will Darby be able to pull off this upset. As you see in the recent months most of Darby Allin’s wins are from roll ups and that most likely won’t work on Miro, Miro for his size is a very smart wrestler and doesn’t put himself in situations where he’s vulnerable enough to be rolled up. If I was a betting man I’d put my money on Miro but never doubt the heart and grit of our TNT Champion Darby Allin.

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