LUUUKE Voit is BACK!! Yankees News (5/11)

Luke Voit was one of the best hitters in baseball last year and showed everybody that he’s the real deal. Batting .277, league leading 22 HR, 52 RBI, .610 SLG%, .947 OPS, and a 157 OPS+ Luke Voit was one of the main reasons the Yankees even made the playoffs last year. During the final stretch of Spring Training Luke Voit went down with a Meniscus Tear and that was a big blow to the Bronx Bombers. The 1st base situation for the Yankees in the 1st month of the season was overwhelming to say the least. The Yanks started off with vetern bat Jay Bruce who was very impressive during camp but after a lot of bullying by the Yankees fans and the underperformance by him he decided to retire. So after that the Yankees called up Mike Ford who’s been solid since 2018 but this season hasn’t been it for the former Mustache man batting under .200 and just not be predictive. The Yankees traded for 2nd baseman Rougned Odor and they wanted to move DJ to 1st but Odor doesn’t get on base like Voit does but is more productive then Mike Ford and Jay Bruce.

 As of 45 minutes ago the New York Yankees called up Luke Voit back up from the IL and Yankee fans rejoiced. The return of our cleanup hitter, the return of the farm man. The lineup has been struggling since the beginning of the season and the 4th hole has been a mess and hasn’t been producing. Stanton, Gleyber, Hicks, Odor all have been in the 4th hole and haven’t brought in the runs that you’re supposed to as the cleanup hitter. Once Gio Urshela comes back in a couple of days with Odor and then Sevy and Britton in the next 2 month the Empire will be back HOPEFULLY. 

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