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AEW Blood & Guts Preview; Start Time; Where to Watch

All Elite Wrestling will have their BIGGEST Dynamite tonight on TNT where Dusty Rhodes’s creation of 2 Rings and 1 Cage will come back to life on Turner Network. This idea you will know from NXT where it’s named War Games and since it’s return it’s been a marquee matchup everytime it happens and always steals the show. 

You will hear from Miro

After the brutal assault on former best friend Kip Sabian that has made Kip actually get surgery on his arm.”Miro is focused and has a goal in sight.” – Paul Wright, and who’ll he be going after Darby Allin or Kenny Omega? I’m leaning towards Darby and will they take the belt off Darby for Miro? I guess we’ll wait and see. 


4-Way Tag Team Eliminator Match: SCU vs Jurassic Express vs Varsity Blonds vs The Acclaimed

The top 4 ranked teams in AEW will be going at it tonight to probably decide who’ll be versing the Young Bucks. Personally I want the Varsity Blonds to win just because I want to see a storyline between the veteren Bucks versus the young and see where they can go with this because it would make this tag team for me. SCU will most likely be winning this matchup because they’ve been the #1 ranked team for a couple of weeks now and the story is there when they do versus the Bucks. 


Britt Baker will be in Action

  Britt Baker has been the star of this Woman’s Division for months now, ever since she went heel she’s been gold gimmick wise and now combine that with her great wrestling ability makes her money for Tony Kahn. Britt claimed the #1 spot last week and looks like she’s gonna be the next AEW Women’s Champion which I think everyone is fine with. Not gonna let your hopes up but there might be a diamond in the rough tonight!?!?  


AEW World Champion Kenny Omega & Michael Nakazawa vs Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston 

 The AEW World Champion , Impact World Champion, TNA World Champion, AAA World Champion Kenny Omega and his long time friend Michael Nakazawa will try and take down former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and 2020-2021 Standout Wrestler of the year (IMO) Eddie Kingston. This match was made official after the beat down by the ELITE on Eddie Kingston and now Mox and Eddie are ready for the fight. If Mox or Eddie pins Omega which championship will they be #1 Contender for, lol. Personally I think this feud is just a filler for whenever AEW wants to pull the trigger on Hangman Adam Page who’s still one of the hottest wrestlers today as he was 1 year ago. Adam Page vs Kenny Omega II will be nothing less than spectacular because in the 1st match they had at Full Gear back in November you could tell they didn’t reach that next gear in that match and you can see they’re saving this match for when a good crowd can comeback so basically the time when All Out will be around.


Cody Rhodes (W/Arn Anderson) vs QT Marshall (W/The Factory) 

 After a shocking turn on the Nightmare Family, QT Marshall will try to prove himself more than Cody’s puppet by beating him in the squared circle tonight. Cody will be seeking revenge for the Factory almost putting him and his brother on the shelf. Hopefully this won’t turn out like it will because QT with his stable could be really good and I see the potential in them. Cody surely can’t go over again? Unless they make this like a DQ and have a big blow off match at Double or Nothing with a stipulation. Fans are starting to get sick and tired of Cody winning so hopefully he’ll put QT over and help build another great stable. 

BLOOD AND GUTS Match: Inner Circle vs The Pinnacle 

The match we’ve been waiting for for a little over 1 year where we were robbed of seeing the Inner Circle vs The ELITE but now we have a clash of the titans. MJF turned his back on the Inner Circle after they figured out he was gonna turn on them but little did they know he built himself his own stable behind their backs. MJF vs Chris Jericho people say MJF is just a younger Chris Jericho but MJF won’t be the GOAT at the end of his career so that’s not a thing but MJF is one of the brightest stars on the mic and in the ring while Jericho is still one of the best and continues to prove why he’s the GOAT. Santana & Ortiz vs FTR, 2 of the top 5 Tag Teams in the world and it’s gonna be great, FTR is finally getting their spotlight after the WWE made a joke out of them and Santana & Ortiz is finally getting national exposure and now people understand why people think they have a case at being the best Tag Team in the world. Shawn Spears vs Sammy Guevara, Shawn Spears has shown the wrestling world what he always said he was and that was a good damn pro wrestler and he’s had really good matches against Cody, Scorpio Sky, and Joey Janela and he’ll continue that with the Pinnacle. Sammy Guevara future multiple time World Champion and if you don’t think that I don’t know what to tell you, on the Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast on the WWE Network Chris Jericho was asked his favorite tag team partners and he said Sammy Guevara and 2 other legends and if that doesn’t show you how high Jericho is on this kid then you’re blind. This match at the end of the night with all pun intended will be bloody and awesome. I’m expecting a lot from this but I know this 10 men can do it and will be a Match of the Year Candidate and I’ll put good money on it. 

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