New York Jets

Welcome to the Kapono Era, the Jets have selected BYU QB Zach Wilson with the #2 Pick in the 2021 Draft!

It is the beginning of an era in Jets Football, the Kapono Era has BEGUN! Yesterday with the #2 overall pick the Jets drafted BYU QB Zachary Kapono Wilson. Zach Attack, Zach Mafia, Wilson Wall Street have all arrived to Florham Park and is ready to get to work. The reason I say the Kapono Era has begun is because his middle name is Kapono and it means Righteous and Good. I thought it’d be a nice spin on the article name. I can’t wait to see this kid from BYU. He’s a football-holic and is described as a geek in the playbook. That puts a smile on my face. If he can be what Mark Sanchez, Chad Pennington, Geno Smith, and Sam Darnold were supposed to be then we’ve got a keeper. Now we just have to surround him with talent, which is what GM Joe is doing. Talking about GM Joe, this kid is his entire future. If Zach doesn’t pan out to be the franchise QB then it’ll all be pinned on him and he won’t remain as the Jets GM. His legacy is on this kid, and I hate to put pressure on Zach but he’s in NY….. the pressure is on. The hope is to have him as the QB for the next 15 years at a great rate, we’ll have to wait and see if that’s the case.

– 3692 Passing Yards
– 33 TDs
– 3 INTs
– 254 Rushing Yards
– 10 Rushing TDs

AP Photo/Jeff Swinger

After a great final year at BYU, he instantly became the #2 ranked QB in this years draft. He’s perfect for the Shanahan offense which is now the scheme that the Jets are running under Robert Saleh and Mike LaFleur. With all the new weapons and protection that the Jets have for Zach, it gives him no excuse for failure. Sam Darnold was not built around and only a few days into Zach’s Jet career he already has more weapons than Sam. The expectations are high and I hope Zach can fill into them. If it’s gonna be anybody, it’ll be him. He seems to love being a Jet, did you see the way he walked to the stage? He has some spark in him that just makes you want to support him all the way. This could be the beginning of something very special at OneJetsDrive…… J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETSSSSS!

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBorough Dispatch. Have a great day, everybody!

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