New York Giants: 3 routes Dave Gettleman can take on day 2


Jeremiah Owusu-koramoah or JOK for short is a monster. That’s the only way I could put it. JOK is widely considered the best coverage linebacker to come out of the NFL Draft in the past 10 years who has no business being in the second round. If we are looking directly at straight talent JOK may be the best player in this draft that is how highly he is thought-about within the NFL Draft community. When the Giants passed on Isiah Simmons in 2020 to go with their franchise Left Tackle in Andrew Thomas many were worried that a prospect like Simmons may never come out of the Draft again well just one short year later Isiah Simmons but better entered the draft and may be available at the Giants second-round pick. I’m not that big of a fan of this pick but if Gettleman were to elect to go down this route I wouldn’t phase at all. 

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