NBA Draft profiles: Sharife Cooper, the next CP3?

Heading into this past season of College Basketball we knew that this upcoming draft would be nothing short of STACKED. From Cade Cunningham to Evan Mobley there is no shortage of talent that’s going to be coming into the NBA this upcoming fall. And amongst those talents, there is quite possibly none more talented than Sharife Cooper. Little brother of WBNA star Te’a Cooper and soon-to-be NBA Draft lottery pick Sharife is the most lethal passer I’ve ever scouted and YES that company includes the likes of LaMelo Ball and Ja Morant. But for all his playmaking talents and overall basketball potential, there will always be his diminutive size compared to his peers that will always force him to work harder than anyone else on the court. So please join me as I give you a brief draft profile of Sharife Omar Cooper the strengths, weaknesses, and bio. 

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