Knicks Game Recap: Knicks @ Pelicans 4/14

Like I predicted, a dog fight of a game resulting a blue and orange victory. The Knicks defeated the New Orleans Pelicans in New Orleans 116-106. We were only up one point going into the half, and that tempo kept throughout the game. The Knicks have now jumped up to 6th seed in the Eastern Conference, now having a record of 29-27, winning our fourth game in a row. The Pelicans drop the the 11th seed at 25-30, the season seeming bleak for the Pels because of their injury issues. I’m very proud that my Knicks got a must-need win, and especially in the fashion they did.

Stephen Lew

I’m genuinely surprised how well we followed my three keys to win the game, my first point working to perfection. Well, as best as it can. We held Zion to 25 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists, surprisingly enough to have them lose the game. Brandon Ingram lead the Pelicans scoring with 28 points also having 7 assists. Zion and Ingram combined for 53 points, scoring exactly half of the teams points. On the Knicks side of the ball, Julius Randle had a typical outing playing 42 minutes and scoring 32 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists. In 22 minutes Alec Burks put up 21 points and 7 rebounds, coming up big when we needed him. Reggie Bullock came out of nowhere, playing 35 minutes and scoring 16 points. Elfrid Payton and Derrick Rose both scored 11 points, both playing 20+ minutes. Immanuel Quickley scored 7 points in 11 minutes, efficient as always. There is one huge blemish on this win, being RJ Barrett. Against the Lakers RJ only scored 7 points, and last night only scored 6. In 28 minutes RJ Barrett scored 6 points, also grabbing four rebounds and throwing one assist. The RJ slump is becoming a thing, and a slow stint of his season is happening currently, but I expect him to shoot his way out of it like he typically does. Another huge thing I noticed was us from three point range. Wow. 51.5% from three, hitting 17 on the night, huge improvement from the 5 we hit the other night. Great game by the Knicks, they take on the Dallas Mavericks tomorrow night at 9:30 PM EST in Dallas, as always, go Knicks!

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