MLB Season Preview: MVP, CY Young, New Contenders rising?

 The MLB season is upon us today and the 162 game race begins!! Baseball will be on your television screen for the next 212 days so buckle up and prepare for one hell of a season. But with all of this in mind I’ll be giving you my predictions for CY Young, MVP, Standings, and World Series Champion. 

AL CY Young: Gerrit Cole (NYY)

 Coming off a “down” year for Gerrit Cole he’ll look to “bounce back” to his previous form. With a proper Spring Training this time Cole will be able to perform at his top 1% level that he can. If he can replicate the season he had in 2019 he’ll 100% be CY Young but you can expect 300 K’s, an ERA hovering around 2.50 – 3.00 and maybe a .900 WHIP. Cole WILL be dominant and will be the reason the New York Yankees make another deep run in the playoffs and possibly be the reason they win the World Series. 

NL CY Young: Jacob deGrom (NYM)

 Well I was gonna pick someone new like Walker Buehler, Stephen Strasburg, or Aaron Nola but you cannot bet against the best pitcher on the planet. I’m convinced Jacob deGrom isn’t human and he’s from another universe. Like a pitcher shouldn’t be able to throw 100 MPH consistently, throw 92 MPH changups, and 96 MPH sliders like wt*. Jacob deGrom’s career ERA is 2.61, he has accumulated 38.6 WAR on the Mets, and already has 2 CY Young’s to his name. I couldn’t go against someone who’s gonna go down as one of the greatest. 

October 24, 2017: Los Angeles Dodgers take on the Houston Astros Game 1 of  the 2017 World Series. Astros Alex B… | Houston astros baseball, Astros,  Astros baseball

AL MVP: Alex (I can’t pick Mike Trout because I don’t want to be basic) Bregman (HOU)

 Now by this it does not mean I want this to happen because I don’t but I didn’t want to pick Trout because duh he’s gonna win it most likely but if I had to choose a guy who could it would be Alex Bregman and yes nobody like the dude besides Astros fans but he is a REALLY GOOD baseball player. In the last full season Bregman had 41 HR, 112 RBI, a 1.015 OPS, 163 OPS+, .592 SLG%, with a .296 BA. AND HE CAME IN 2ND PLACE, yeah it’s gonna take a lot for him to win it but if Trout has a “bad” year, Bregman has a fighting chance. No matter how much people want to hate him they have to respect he’s one of the league’s best hitters and maybe he can add a MVP award to his already golden career. 

NL MVP: Jacob deGrom (NYM) 

 Well… Well… Well for the 1st time since the 2015 World Series Jacob deGrom will have meaningful games to win in 2021. The reason I put deGrom at MVP is because if the Mets do win the NL East and there’s a good chance they do and if deGrom wins 22-25 games this year with the ERA he has and the WHIP, FIP, SO/9, and ERA+ I don’t see an argument for him not to win MVP. Juan Soto the odds on favorite MVP right now isn’t gonna be on a winning team and besides Mike Trout how often do you see an MVP on a non-playoff team? It’s not often. Mookie Betts another MVP favorite is on a stacked team and could possibly be out played by a Bellinger so maybe he’ll step up his game but he doesn’t have to put 110% Mookie on the field everyday because that’s how good the Dodgers are this year. And let’s go to this point if the Mets just didn’t have deGrom they wouldn’t be having a conversation about it they were gonna be good this season. Like I said before deGrom isn’t human so if he does win MVP don’t be shocked at all because with a good team deGrom could be UNSTOPPABLE. 


American League 

1. NYY1. HOU1. CWS
2. TOR2. LAA2. MIN
3. TB3. OAK3. CLE
4. BOS4. SEA4. DET
5. BAL5. TEX5. KC

National League 

East WestCentral 
1. NYM1. LAD1. STL
2. ATL2. SD2. MIL
3. PHI3. SF3. CHC
4. WSH4. ARZ4. CIN
5. MIA5. COL 5. PIT

Wild Card: 

Toronto Blue Jays vs Minnesota Twins ( Twins win )

San Diego Padres vs Atlanta Braves ( Padres win )

Division Series:

New York Yankees vs Minnesota Twins ( Yankees in 3 )

Houston Astros vs Chicago White Sox ( Sox in 4 )

Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego Padres ( LAD in 4 )

New York Mets vs St. Louis Cardinals ( Mets in 3 ) 

Championship Series: 

New York Yankees vs Chicago White Sox ( Yanks in 6 )

Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York Mets ( Dodgers in 5 )

World Series:

New York Yankees vs Los Angeles Dodgers 

( Dodgers in 6 ) 

World Champions: Los Angeles Dodgers 

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