Possible Impactful Under the Radar Players for the New York Yankees in 2021

It’s almost about that time, BASEBALL SEASON! We are less than 24 hours away from opening day and the Yankees facing off against the Blue Jays. Before then, I will give some under the radar players that may be impactful for the Yankees this season. We know the goal for the Bronx Bombers is the championship, as it should be. Our main issue last year was pitching and health, as usual but this year we’ve added much more depth. Here are my under the radar players for our 2021 Yankees:

1. RHP Domingo German (3rd Starter in Rotation)

Getty Images

I know all the controversy behind German and the terrible incident that occurred but he will have a big impact on this team this season. Even though I think he should be a bullpen long reliever because that’s what his skillset matches up with, but he will be an important figure in the rotation. With his fastball and nasty/mind-boggling curveball, he will likely move up to be our #2 starter behind Gerrit Cole. German gives flexibility and if he returns to him 2019 version, then we will have a strong rotation and could compete with the Dodgers and Padres. Here were his 2019 promising stats:

– Age: 28
– ERA: 4.03
– W/L: 18-4
– Ks: 153
– IP: 143.0 IP
– GP: 27

2. RHP Darren O’Day (Bullpen)

AP Photo/John Amis

Darren O’Day was without a question our most underrated pitcher acquisition this offseason. He had an incredible 2020 with just a 1.10 ERA. He brings the immaculate side-arm pitch to the Yankees and I can’t wait to see that ridiculous slider, fastball and sinker. With Britton out for the first few months, he can be that dominant set-up pitcher. I do understand he’s very old in age but that side-arm pitch will NEVER get old, I hope he finds success here in NY. I certainly think he can. Here are his 2020 stats:

– Age: 38
– ERA: 1.10
– W/L: 4-0
– Ks: 22
– IP: 16.1 IP
– GP: 19

3. 1B/OF Jay Bruce (Depth)


With Luke Voit out for the first few months with a injury, Jay Bruce will be able to fill in with that lefty swing. He will be able to take advantage of that short porch and even when Voit comes back, it is inevitable that one of our OF/DH’s will be injured so he can fill in one of those spots. Here were his 2019 stats because he did not have a active 2020:

– Age: 33
– .216 Batting Average
– 26 HRs
– 59 RBIs
– 67 Hits
– 82 Strikeouts
– .261 OBP
– .784 OPS
– 98 G

4. OF Clint Frazier (Starter)

Getty Images

Clint, Clint, Clint Frazier! I can’t wait to see him shine in left field tomorrow, he will be a star. He’s personally one of my favorite Yankees, he brings so much to the Yankees with his rapid swing and new ability to play great defense. I think it’s about time they gave him a chance to play. He’s the only one left from the Andrew Miller trade with the Indians back in 2016. Clint had an impressive 2020 and looks to continue in 2021. Here were his 2020 stats:

– Age: 26
– .267 Batting Average
– 8 HRs
– 26 RBIs
– 35 Hits
– 44 Strikeouts
– .394 OBP
– .905 OPS
– 39 G

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBorough Dispatch. Have a great day, everybody!

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