Knicks Game Recap: Knicks @ 76ers

It’s crazy how in 24 hours my opinion and viewpoint on the Knicks could flip so fast. I was very pleased with out efforts on Monday against the Brooklyn Nets, but I could not be more upset with how we did against the 76ers on Tuesday night. The 76ers were without Joel Embiid, who is having an MVP caliber season, and this was a winnable game, but of course we lost it. The Knicks lost 96-99 against the 76ers last night in embarrassing fashion, and I am honestly ashamed of my Knickerbockers.

Drew Hallowell

The 76ers were down 8 points at halftime, and down 9 points going into the fourth. Next thing you know, we are down five points. Makes zero sense how we lost a lead in seconds, especially with the talent we have on this team. Our biggest mistake was letting Tobias Harris come out and drop 30 on our heads, but also letting Seth Curry drop 20 points. Ben Simmons had 16 points as well, and besides that it was very spread out.

Bill Streicher

The Knicks played well as a whole if you look at it on paper. Julius Randle and Alec Burks both had 19 points, and RJ Barrett had a clean 17 points. Rookie Immanuel Quickley had 13 points in 26 minutes of playing time, nothing negative on the rookie’s part. Obi Toppin continues to do nothing for us, scoring 0 points in 7 minutes. Frank Ntilikina also played awful, playing 15 minutes and also scoring 0 points. The worst part wasn’t even that, it was that we were held to 14 points in the fourth quarter. We have had an issue closing games all season long, and when we are fully healthy, maybe we will be able to do it better. I feel like if Frank can’t score a single point in a full quarter of play and some, try out Austin Rivers, because I know he can score more than zero points. The Knicks fall to 20-21 and currently have the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference. We take on the Magic at 8:30 PM EST tomorrow, back in MSG.

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