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My 2021 NY Jets Free Agency Wishlist, big moves!

So we are just hours away from the “LEGAL” tampering period starting for the 2021 NFL Free Agency at 12pm EST. However, before then I will be showcasing my wishlist for the Jets and who I really hope we sign. We have the second most cap space in the NFL with an estimated amount of $69M. The most being the Jacksonville Jaguars at $70M. However, the New York Media Market takes us over the top to be top contenders. As we know the Jets have MULTIPLE holes all over the team; but with our luxurious picks, money and possibility at Deshaun Watson we become a top team in FA and chances to have a quick rebuild. Our top needs are EDGE, Guards, WR, CB, RB, and TE. The QB position is up in the air. Let’s begin my wishlist:

1. Joe Thuney, Offensive Guard

Joe Thuney, Jets Jersey Swap made by me. (@jd_5bd on Twitter and Instagram)

We all have heard the rumors about Thuney and the likelihood of his chances at becoming a New York Jet. I like those chances due to the constant rumors and connections to him. However, the Bengals are a top team that can contend for him. It was reported by Connor Hughes (from The Athletic) that the Jets will make one of their first calls of the day to Joe Thuney and his reps. It was also reported that GM Joe Douglas has ZERO financial restrictions and the Jets will be making “waves” this offseason. We all know the greatness of Thuney and his consistency in New England and that Douglas went for him last year. We need a LG mentor for Mekhi Becton and Thuney is perfect for the job. He fits the new zone blocking scheme and we all know how much Alan Faneca coming to NY affected D’Brickashaw Ferguson’s growth as the franchise LT, positively. PFF rated gave him a 74.2 grade which is actually pretty good, it’s not far from his previous grades. He only allowed 2 sacks this year and only committed 3 penalties, so he’s a pretty disciplined lineman. He also played in all 16 games this season and played in 97% of offensive snaps this year. Health on the OL was a big problem for the Jets this season, we had countless injures occur to each position on the line. He’s the signing that we need to have happen.

Measurements and Information:
– Height: 6′ 5″
– Weight: 287 lbs
– Age: 28
– Market Value Estimation: $13-16M
– Played in 97% of his snaps
– 16 Games Played
– 74.2 PFF Grade

Contract: I think it’s obvious that Joe’s going to break the bank. I think it’s likely that he cashes out as the highest paid guard in the NFL, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes less. I predict a 4 year deal worth $62M with $32M guaranteed. 

2. JuJu Smith-Schuster, Wide Receiver

JuJu Smith-Schuster, Jets Jersey Swap made by me. (@jd_5bd on Twitter or Instagram)

I know this a controversial one but I love the idea of JuJu being a Jet. I feel like it was a match made and we should’ve taken him in 2017 over Marcus Maye in RD2. JuJu came into the league SO EARLY and next to AB, so obviously there were going to be immature hiccups but with Coach Saleh he’ll be fine. He might still be on TikTok but he’ll be focused on football, because nobody wants to disappoint Coach Saleh, he’s a players coach. It’s clear that JuJu is the second best WR in this class behind Kenny Golladay but he isn’t no where near as expensive as KG. The kid has versatility and fits into the system, don’t forget he’s 24 years old. He had growing pains in the last two years, he’ll excel under the Shanahan offense with Saleh coaching. 

Measurements and Information:
– Age: 24
– Weight: 215
– Height: 6’1″
– Market Value Estimation: $13-16M

2020 Stats:
– REC Yards: 831
– TDs: 9
– Targets: 128
– Played in 84% of his snaps
– 16 Games Played, 14 games started
– 68.2 PFF Grade

Contract: JuJu’s young so he’s not gonna make a huge amount of money after the disappointing last two years. However, he’s young and has room for improvement. I predict a  4 year, $62M contract with $28M guaranteed. 

3. Haason Reddick, OLB/EDGE

Haason Reddick, Jets Jersey Swap made by me. (@jd_5bd on Twitter and Instagram)

This another controversial pick due to his history because he’s known as a 3-4 OLB. However, I think it’s unlikely we sign him because of the scheme fit but he’s still 26. That gives you an opportunity to engrave a new scheme fit into his head. Due to the scheme fit issue I can see us signing Carl Lawson or Romeo Okwara over him, which I wouldn’t be mad at. They both have talent and would love to see what Saleh can do with them. However, I still hope for Haason. I need our Jets to sign him, he has so much rare and raw talent. If he’s a Jet we might have an explode EDGE rusher for the first time since John Abraham. Don’t forget Haason had SIX sacks against the Giants this year. Would love this signing for Gang Green!

Measurements and Information:
– Age: 26
– Weight: 235
– Height: 6’1″
– Market Value Estimation: $10-12M

2020 Stats:
– Sacks: 12.5
– Total Tackles: 63 
– 6 Forced Fumbles (Most in the NFL)
– Played in 79% of his snaps 
– 16 Games Played, 11 games started
– 72.8 PFF Grade

Contract: Haason is another young talent so he won’t make bank, but he has a lot of potential. We all know teams are desperate for potential so I see him signing a 3 year, $42M contract with $25M guaranteed. 

4. Corey Linsley, Center/Guard

Corey Linsley, Green Bay Packer

This signing makes me ecstatic, if we walk away with Linsley AND Thuney, we’ll easily have a top OLine in the league. EASILY! And it’ll make it easier to have a rookie QB because he’ll have a stacked and loaded OL, unlike Sam Darnold. Linsley has been a premier OL in the NFL for Green Bay in the last few years. He’s a very consistent guy, no one year wonder. He’s had a good career and had an even better year, this year with an All-Pro selection. He was an All-Pro this past year and had an incredible season. He gave up just one sack and committed ZERO penalties. PFF graded him with a 89.9 grade. He had a bounce-back season after a questionable 2019 season. Although he was elected to the All-Pro he did miss 3 games this season, this was the first time in 3 years he didn’t have a full 16 game season. He played in 71% of offensive snaps in 2020. He had a knee injury that sent him to the IR, but he came back and played better than ever. The injury didn’t phase him and he played the rest of the season. PFF graded him with a 60.9 in the postseason which confuses me because he gave up ZERO sacks and committed ZERO penalties. He has familiarity with the new zone blocking scheme since he was coached under Coach LaFleur, brother of our OC, and he excelled under it. I understand McGovern is our Center but he can be moved to Guard for now. His contract is up in 2022, so we can just dump him if he’s not good at LG. 

Measurements and Information:
– Height: 6′3″
– Weight: 298 lbs
– Age: 29
– Market Value: $12-14
– Played in 71% of his snaps
– 13 Games Played
– 89.9 PFF Grade

Contract: I see him becoming the highest paid center over Indy’s Ryan Kelly and he’ll likely sign a three year deal worth $44.5M with $28M guaranteed. 

5. Richard Sherman, Cornerback

Richard Sherman, San Francisco 49ers. Getty Images

I strictly think this a good signing due to the fact that Coach Saleh needs to have a guy like Bart Scott, who helped Rex Ryan come over from Baltimore and transition smoothly into the locker room. He needs a guy that can bring over that 49ers mentality and Sherm is perfect. He is an experienced vet and he can help with our CB needs. He can help Bryce Hall and Bless Austin. Sherm is a tough and smart guy, I think it’s a great match. It’s him or K’Waun Williams, I personally like both. I’ll show Sherm’s 2019 stats because he didn’t play much in 2020.

Measurements and Information:
– Age: 32
– Weight: 194
– Height: 6’3″
– Market Value Estimation: $8-10M

2019 Stats:
– REC Yards Allowed: 368
– INTs: 3
– Targets Against: 69
– Completion Percentage Allowed: 62.3%
– QBR Allowed: 63.0
– Played in 87% of his snaps
– 15 Games Played
– 88.9 PFF Grade

Contract: Jonnu isn’t exactly a high-profile player but he is a low-risk, high-reward signing. I can see him inking a two year, $13M contract with $8M guaranteed.

6. Jonnu Smith, Tight End

Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Now this right here is UNDER-RATED! Imagine Jonnu Smith in an all out Shanahan offense. My goodness, with his lanky size he can do wonders in that type of offense. He’s known for his insane ability to get a lot of TDs due to the relationship he has with his QBs. Smith in a Shanahan offense is a very underrated scheme fit, I’m all for it and he’s not going to be crazy expensive. I think Hunter Henry will be the expensive one. I prefer Jonnu, and I love it. 

Measurements and Information:
– Age: 25
– Weight: 248
– Height: 6’3″
– Market Value Estimation: $6-8M

2020 Stats:
– REC Yards: 448
– TDs: 8
– Targets: 65
– Played in 69% of his snaps
– 15 Games Played, 14 games started
– 75.2 PFF Grade

Contract: Jonnu isn’t exactly a high-profile player but he is a low-risk, high-reward signing. I can see him inking a two year, $13M contract with $8M guaranteed.

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