All-Star Weekend: Knicks Perspective

The All-Star weekend, was… disappointing to say the least. We watched live, a robbery occur in the dunk contest. Anfernee Simons, who hasn’t had an in-game dunk in his career yet (odd he even made it but it’s cool) won the dunk contest on the worst scored dunk contest since Dwayne Wade gave Gordon a nine. Obi Toppin’s first dunk was nothing short of incredible, the between the legs bounce reverse dunk was beautiful, and it gave him a lead in the first round. Besides that, on all sides of the competition, it was a lame contest, being highly regarded as the worst dunk contest of all-time. Now, I’m still going to put Kobe Bryant’s dunk contest first, because that flat out sucked, but this is a close second. The last dunk of Obi’s was nice, nothing crazy but for sure nice, between the legs from a little in front of the free throw line. It was a safe dunk, and if Simons pulled something crazy out I would’ve been cool with it, but that is not what he did. If Simons would’ve kissed the rim, I wouldn’t be upset with the loss, but you can’t go up to do something and then not do it. Obi got robbed, plain and simple, and the last round judging system they tried was really stupid, because off of scores I do think Obi could’ve won. The Dwayne Wade rule won’t make it to next year and that is for sure. Besides that, Julius Randle played in the All-Star game, in 13 minutes putting up 4 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists. Just a lackluster All-Star weekend, but that’s just from a Knicks perspective.

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