Who is the new AEW Signing? Will it fulfill the hype? Here are possible superstars who could become All-Elite!

Welcome everybody to my new Sports Entertainment topic that I will be writing about, Pro Wrestling! Today I will be writing about the possible wrestlers that AEW may sign ahead of tonight’s Pay-Per-View event, AEW Revolution. This all started on Wednesday; when the wrestler formerly known as Big Show, Paul Wight, made his debut on AEW Dynamite he announced that AEW will be signing a “Hall of Fame” worthy talent. It was also reported and said by Tony Khan that this wrestler is one of his favorite all-time wrestlers ever. For reference his wrestling Mount Rushmore is Bret Hart (Free Agent), Ric Flair (Signed by WWE), “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (Has a show with WWE), and Chris Jericho (already signed by AEW). Many speculated it was Bret but he said this new signing had signed a multi-year deal and is going to be wrestling, so that should cross out that possibility. Whoever this new signing is, it has to be a HUGE name and has to fulfill this incredible hype that AEW has placed on it. I personally think it will likely be a huge letdown and the signing will be Batista, but I really hope that isn’t the case. AEW would lose all credibility. If it were John Cena or Brock Lesnar, then AEW would deserve all the glory in Pro Wrestling. I was thinking could it be anybody from Japan but it couldn’t due to the 2 week quarantine rule. I thought maybe it could be the Rock, but no he has an incredible Hollywood career so far and he has a WWE affiliated show named “Young Rock,” on NBC. However, let’s dig into the endless possibilities that we may see tonight for this signing on AEW Revolution:

John Cena, WWE Future Legend


This signing would make AEW, a serious competitor to WWE. It would be as huge as when WCW signed Hulk Hogan, because Cena is considered the second coming of Hogan. Having Cena would vastly improve ratings. He’ll make AEW have 1 Million views every single week on a weekly basis, because that’s how big Cena is. It is very possible that this occurs because Cena is not employed by WWE anymore and if he makes a return to WWE, it’s usually during WrestleMania season and Mania is just weeks away. Also, there is no immediate storyline that WWE can implement him into right now.  However, AEW can implement him into a feud with the winner of Moxley/Omega’s exploding barbwire death match, if that rivalry is over. Another factor is John Cena will be apart of the “Wipeout Revival,” show on TBS. As many know, TBS and TNT are apart of the Turner Broadcasting System. So, Cena already has ties with the channel. However, the question is if he’d be willing to do that to Vince McMahon. If he were to sign with AEW, he’d be breaking MOST if not ALL ties with Vince and we all know that isn’t the best decision to make. Multiple superstars have done it and when they return to WWE, it doesn’t end up very well for them. To recap, Cena would be a fantastic and a game changing signing for AEW and will fulfill the huge promise Tony Khan has made to his audience. He is certainly a Hall of Fame worthy talent and is one of the best wrestlers in Pro Wrestling HISTORY. 

Brock Lesnar, WWE Future Legend


Now this right here, it’s a very intriguing possibility. We all know about the Beast Brock Lesnar, and his title runs in WWE. He’s always been the top dog and has a mutual respect with Vince. However, he is not signed to a WWE contract nor has he wrestled in almost a year. If you ask me, I’d say he’s open for business. Brock is one of the biggest names in sports entertainment simply because of his persona. When he walks into the room, everyone stares at him in fear because he’s the big bad ass. Personally, I believe that if you sign Brock he needs to have a talented Manager. I would love to see him paired with “Big Money” Matt Hardy or possibly Eddie Kingston if he takes a managerial role. To recap; signing Brock will attract ratings, give you a top dog, experienced champion and lastly will live up to the high expectations that have been set on this new signing. 

CM Punk


Huh, now this is a fun one. As we know, CM Punk has been out of the business of wrestling for YEARS! And he said on Twitter he wasn’t the signing, which could easily be a cover but I think it’s unlikely he returns. I don’t think wrestling suits Punk anymore. He’s exposed himself and we all know he can’t fight or win a fight. It would be hard to see him or believe that he beat a big dude after those terrible and horrific UFC matches. I think Punk would be a great signing WHEN it comes to ratings. However, I don’t see it happening but if it does I’ll be shocked. 

Kurt Angle, Old WWE Legend

Kurt Angle, via Twitter

Oh god, please no. This would be the prime example of a COMPLETE letdown. A washed up, old Kurt Angle returning to Wrestling and being hyped up this much? If he were to be the signing, it’d be hard for me to respect Tony Khan and Paul Wight. Kurt’s last run in WWE was a tough one to watch, but AEW should lay off the old and washed up WWE legends. It’s not a smart strategy. Go ahead and ask TNA/ IMPACT, or whatever they were named by at the time, how that went. He did post a hype video of him putting on his ring gear, but WWE stars had liked that tweet so I doubt that WWE people like the tweet if he’s going to AEW. To recap; it would disappointing and AEW will lose credibility because he did not deserve this much hype. 

Dave Bautista, Old WWE Legend


This would be another letdown. As bad as this would be, I could actually see it happening. Bautista has had ties to AEW through Chris Jericho, but his wrestling career should be over. The Wrestling fan has given up on Bautista and is tired of him. Does nobody remember WrestleMania 30? He had won the Royal Rumble and was scheduled to have a title push at WrestleMania, that is until the crowd chose Daniel Bryan over him. His Hollywood career has been really good, he should stick to it. Another thing to take into account is that he’s scheduled to be in the WWE Hall Of Fame, so maybe he doesn’t go to AEW. To recap; this would be terribly disappointing, Wrestling has dumped Bautista, and I hope it’s not him. 

Christian Cage, WWE Fan Favorite


This wouldn’t make sense. I understand Christian thinks he’s still got some in the tank, but he’s no “Hall Of Fame” worthy talent. He’s never been a top dog in his career that people generally feared to wrestle. He’s also contracted to FOX which hosts WWE’s SmackDown every Friday, and EDGE is on SmackDown so go figure. I thought that WWE would attempt to have Edge and Christian reunite and become a faction again but it may not occur. I think that he’s sticking with WWE, but if he were to join AEW as this huge signing I’d be disappointed. This is supposed to be a huge signing, Christian has never been a main event headliner in his career. To recap; this wouldn’t be worth the hype, he’s contracted to FOX, and it would be disappointing. 

Bubba Ray, Old Wrestler


Are we serious here? I hope we aren’t. When was the last time we said Bubba Ray should have a main event title run? I don’t think anyone ever generally thought that. He’s another washed up WWE Legend, don’t even discuss this idea. To recap; NO!

Rob Van Dam, Old Wrestler


Another future disappointment. If this were to occur I would be mad because I think RVD’s time in Wrestling is done. He’s had his title runs and feud’s but he’s done. He’s not as electric as he used to be. If you want to bring in RVD, then you can’t hype him up as a HOF talent. Which he’s not. He’s another washed up fan favorite. To recap, I’d be against this and would be EXTREMELY disappointed. 

AEW has placed the expectations really high, the product sells itself. Tony Khan really didn’t need to do this much hyping over this signing. However, he did so I hope he keeps his word. I will be watching….

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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