The Brooklyn Nets are in contention for Blake Griffin. Is this a good signing? How does this benefit us?

Earlier today the Detroit Pistons decided to buyout Blake Griffin and he is set Free Agency. It is being reported by The Athletic’s, Shams Charania that ‘Rival teams with interest’ expect Blake Griffin will sign with Brooklyn. This is interesting because we all know that Blake is a big body but he’s washed and isn’t the ideal defensive player. We all know the Nets need desperate defensive help and Blake doesn’t really help with that. He’s known for his dunking ability but he hasn’t dunked since 2019! It is truly sad to see a player like him deteriorate so rapidly. In his last two seasons he’s played 38 games, which is not good if you haven’t noticed.

Getty Images

I’m personally not that ecstatic about this signing and I find it disappointing because it likely takes us out of contention for Andre Drummond. It also allows the Lakers to be the front-runner for him, and that is the LAST thing we need. In my opinion, Drummond is the cherry on top and will make the Nets the undisputed World Champions. However, it looks like they may go with Blake Griffin, here are his stats and measurements this season:

– Height: 6’9″
– Weight: 250 lbs
– Age: 31
– 20 GP
– 12.3 ppg
– 5.2 rebs
– 3.9 ast
– .365 FG%
– 31.3 Mins

As I said, not a fan of this signing and I think it will actually hurt our defense. When it comes to the Detroit Pistons, their defensive rating is 13.9 points better when he’s off (119.2 versus 105.3) than on. Stats produced by HoopsHabit. However, this addition would add depth and size to the lineup which is what we need. I really hope this doesn’t cut Nic Claxton’s minutes because he is a rising star. He has been playing great as of late!

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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