Knicks Game Analysis: Knicks @ Spurs

Vincent Carchietta

I mean, shocked is the last word I’d use to describe how that game went. I was so over confident in this Knicks team, and maybe it was All-Staritis, maybe we were just playing weird on a road trip, but this isn’t how I expected New York to play. The Knicks (18-18) lost to the San Antonio Spurs (18-13) 93-119 last night. I was more surprised in how good we played through the first two quarters, and then we just fell apart. Julius Randle played okay, putting up 14 points and 11 rebounds, for sure less than he has put up as of late but still a good performance. RJ had 15 points which is something I can’t be mad about by any means. A shocking performance was Frank Ntilikina, who had 13 points in the starting rotation, so I am seeing Frank progress slowly but surely. Obi Toppin played late in the blowout which I like, Putting up 7, 4, and 3 in 26 minutes. Best performance of the night was easily Immanuel Quickley. IQ put up a game high of 26 points, 4 and 4 in 29 minutes of play, still being a very efficient bench piece. Some of our offensive power lacked no doubt, but we lost this game on defense. We let six Spurs score double digits, and they played an incredible game throughout their starters and bench. The Spurs are a dark horse in the West by all means, and I underestimated them and I will take full responsibility for that. Next game is tomorrow at 7:30 PM back in the Garden against the Pistons where we will look for a bounce back win. As of right now we are 6th in the Eastern Conference and are looking to go higher up the ranks. I will put out a pregame post 10 AM EST tomorrow, in the meantime go Knicks!

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