Knicks Game Recap: Kings @ Knicks 2/25

A morning with a Knicks win is a morning I could bask in forever, serotonin levels in New York rise as well across the country seeing the Knicks prevail. The Knicks beat the Sacramento Kings 140-121 in a squash of a game in the garden last night, and it was wonderful. The Knicks basically did all three of the keys I said to a degree, but we didn’t need to do them 100% to prevail over the embarrassing Kings team. Everyone played very well on both sides of the ball, and it’s the first time the Knicks have put up 140 points in a game since December 17th 2019.

Kyle Terada

The Kings didn’t play too awful despite losing by 19 points. De’Aron Fox scored 29 points and had 11 assists in 38 minutes of playing time, so the containment on him that I suggested didn’t happen but in the end we still dominated heavily. Harrison Barnes also had 22 points and 7 rebounds, besides those two rookie Tyrese Haliburton did well with 17 points, and that was really it. Down 13 points at halftime this game felt over before it started, Knicks holding foot to the gas the entirety of the contest.

On the Knicks side of the ball, what a performance! Julius Randle had another incredible game, 21 points and 14 rebounds, and only had to play 31 minutes in the game. Alec Burks came out of absolutely nowhere and scored 24 points in 25 minutes. Obi Toppin had 3 points, but did get to play 17 minutes, something I am for sure happier about. RJ Barrett had 12 points, a step up from his slump as of late, no complaints there. The last player I need to get into, easily player of the game, Immanuel Quickley. What a performance by the rook. At halftime in only 9 minutes of play he had 18 points and ended the game with 25 points in only 20 minutes, leading our team in scoring all while playing less time than Nerlens Noel. I am very proud of my Knicks and impressed, and happy we are back in the playoff picture with the 6th seed and we play the Indiana Pacers tomorrow at 8 PM EST, and I for one am excited! Don’t miss out on my pregame analysis coming out tomorrow at 10 AM EST.

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