Who Should the Yankees Trade for?

  1. Trevor Story (SS) Colorado Rockies

Wow! I know a really big start already by starting off this list with debatably the best SS in baseball and could be the piece that puts the Yankees over the hump for years to come. The Yankees would be getting a $17 M contract that expires at the end of the 2021 season so they would basically be trading for a rental. Is this “rental” worth it? Yes very much so because Story is one one the league’s premier hitters with 35 HR in 2019, along with 85 RBI, a .294 BA, .363 SLG%, .917 OPS, 119 OPS+, and 6.1 WAR. Did I mention he’s an elite defender as well? Well… he very much is as well.

Package: From what we saw from the Arenado trade it probably won’t take that much to acquire Story so I’d say the trade would probably be around a Clarke Schmidt or a Michael King which personally I would do 100 times out of 100 especially if you know Story is gonna resign.

  1. Joey Gallo (OF) Texas Rangers

With the Rangers in rebuilding mode and the Yankees having the assets to acquire him I think it’s a win-win. Gallo in 2019 was an All Star but got injured in the 2nd half of the season which derailed a really solid season. Gallo is a lefty bat that could have the potential of 50+ HR in Yankee Stadium. Gallo would be a depth move and probably would split time with Clint if LF but could be our DH if Stanton needs a day and could play the rest of the diamond besides 3rd and SS if needed. Plus he’s an ELITE defender with a premier arm that could gun anyone out at the plate. In 2020 his BA was horrendous but in his All Star 2019 campaign he posted a .253 BA which is pretty good for a guy who’s supposedly a “HR or Strikeout” guy. 

Package: Yet again the Texas Rangers gave up their star pitcher Lance Lynn for literally a bag of chips yet again I’m assuming it will be pretty since they fleece the Rangers. I’d offer Miguel Andujar, Mike Tauchman and a random prospect. 

  1. Brandon Woodruff (SP) Milwaukee Brewers 

One of our 1st 3 pitchers we’re gonna look at is Brandon Woodruff! Woodruff might be one of the more difficult guys to get because the Brewers are in a weird scenario where they might be good this season and competing for a Wild Card or either they stink up the joint this year. Woodruff is still under contract through the 2025 season so the Yankees would be able to lock this guy up through his prime years. In 2020, Woodruff had a 3.05 ERA (ELITE), 0.991 WHIP (ELITE), and 11.1 SO/9. The Yankees would be getting a high velo guy who sits around 97 MPH and has a 5 pitch spread. Cole, Woodruff, Severino, Taillon, Kluber would be a top 5 rotation in baseball and would really boost the Yankees chances to finally end that World Series drought and I don’t see a reason why Cashman wouldn’t be able to pull this off. 

Package: Unlike the Rangers and the Rockies front office the Brewers have a capable GM solely for the move of getting Christian Yelich for free basically. So my trade proposal would be Deivi Garcia, Clarke Schmidt, and Miguel Andujar. Yes I know that’s a lot but as the old saying goes, “You trade prospects for bonafide studs” and Woodruff is a stud. 

  1. Kyle Hendricks (SP) Chicago Cubs  

Kyle Hendricks has been in the trade rumours ever since the Cubs traded away their ace Yu Darvish. Plus Hendricks has been heavily linked to the New York Yankees because they desperately need pitchers they know will produce. In 2020 Hendricks had a 2.88 ERA, 0.996 WHIP, 155 ERA+, and a 0.9 BB/9 (VERY ELITE). Hendricks won’t blow pitches by people but he knows how to get outs and not put anyone on base, he’s a heavy sinker guy and mixes in a 4 seam fastball, curve, and changeup. Hendricks has proven over his 7 year career that he can consistently be good and that is what the Yankees need “consistency”. 

Package: Now the Cubs got fleeced for Yu Darvish but I think this time around they’ll bring down the hammer more. So my trade would be Miguel Andujar, Clarke Schmidt, Esteven Florial (No.7 Prospect), and Alexander Vizcaino (No.8 Prospect). 

  1. Zach Plesac (SP) Cleveland Indians 

The Indians are in clear rebuild moves with the trade of Francisco Lindor and the possible trade of Jose Ramirez soon could open up the door for the Yankees to swoop Zach Plesac. Now Zach Plesac isn’t like the other pitchers above but he’s young the Yankees would have control of him and he looks like he could be a stud. In 2020 (In 8 games) Plesac had a 2.28 ERA, 0.795 WHIP, 201 ERA+, and a 9.3 SO/9. Plesac according to BaseballSavant has a 6 pitch mix of a 4 seam, Sinker, Cutter, Changeup, Slider, and a Curveball. This could be a guy who could use Gerrit Cole’s mentorship and Plesac could help us win now and could help us win in the future. 

Package: Plesac will come pretty cheap if I had to be honest with you so my package would be Esteven Florial, Michael King, and throw in another hitting prospect and this deal should be sealed. 

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