New York Yankees: Grading the Yankees Offseason. New acquisitions, and sad losses.

This Yankee offseason was a really different one. With the pandemic being alive and certainly out there the future of the league was uncertain. We didn’t know when the season would start, if there was even going to be a season, what rules will return or end, and how the money situation would look like. All those played a huge factor but the Yankees did a nice job. It was previously announced that the Yankees would decide to stay under the Second threshold, so they weren’t going to spend too much money. Many will call this cheap or good idea but I lean with the cheap crowd. If the Dodgers went out there and spent $40M for a underrated 60-game pitcher, we should’ve been able to sway Trevor Rosenthal, Amir Garrett, Yu Darvish or Francisco Lindor our way via free agency or trading. However, let’s get into this:

Final Grade

I personally give the Yankees a A-. I would give them an full A but I feel like the team could’ve used more pitching. Instead of taking a cheap risk on Kluber and Taillon, you could’ve traded pennies for an established second ace. Are we really going to act like we couldn’t match offers for the pitchers that we’re available. We couldn’t even match the Cardinals-Rockies trade for Nolan Arenado? However, the Yankees did make moves that could work out. We acquired (notable):
– DJ LeMahieu, INF
– Corey Kluber, RHP
– Jameson Taillon, RHP
– Darren O’Day, RHP/Bullpen
– Justin Wilson, LHP, Bullpen
– Jay Bruce, OF
– Robinson Chirinos, Catcher
– Jhoulys Chacín, RHP
– Derek Dietrich, INF

We lost:
– Masahiro Tanaka, RHP
– James Paxton, LHP
– Tommy Kahnle, RHP/Bullpen
– Adam Ottavino, RHP/Bullpen
– Miguel Yajure, RHP/Bullpen
– Brett Gardner, OF

Most of our acquisitions are high-risk, high-reward type of moves. This really reminds me of our 2019 offseason, Cashman went a similar route. He went cheap and acquired high-risk, high-reward players. It ended up working out with DJ LeMahieu so, not bad. Hopefully it works again but I will say we did become a better team after this offseason. It is sad to see Gardy Party and Masa go. They did great as Yankees and they will be missed. I don’t like that we traded Yajure, I feel like he has a really high upside but we are getting Domingo German back. Seeing Kahnle go leaves me speechless, he was quite the character and an incredible RP. We lost Otto but gained O’Day so it evens out. We’ll see if our boys are hungry, until then we’ll be in the #ChaseFor28

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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