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New York Giants: Top 5 2021 Free Agent Wide Receivers

Although the New York Football Giants possessed one of the best defenses in the NFL last season, Joe Judge and company did fall short of the playoffs and large part due to the horrid offense. In 2020 the Giants ranked near the bottom of the league in almost every major offensive statistical category. And while there are many different places and people you can point fingers at, from Jason Garretts stale and conservative play calling, to Daniel Jones’ extreme regression during his sophomore campaign, I believe most of the blame must go to the Wide Receivers. Last season the Giants ranked 28th in the league in total Receiving Yards at 3,336, 30th in the league in Touchdowns, at measly 12 Catching Touchdowns for the whole season. Now that I’ve given you these dreadful stats, I think it is apparent that if the Giants have any hopes of competing in 2021, they will need to upgrade that core, and lucky Free Agency is a little under a month away and there are a multitude of playmakers on the market.

1. Allen Robinson (27 Years Old) 

OAK PARK, IL – October 24: Staley Da Bear join former Chicago Bears players Jay Hilgenberg and Mickey Pruitt Cleaning for a visit to Hephzibah Homeon Friday, October 25, 2019 in Oak Park, Illinois. (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo)

The NFL’s damsel in distress Allen Robinson is finally able to escape the horrors of Chicago. Since entering the league with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2014, Robinson never had a competent Quarterback throwing to him, from Blake Bortles to Mitchell Trubisky, it’s been rough for Robinson. Despite this, Robinson has somehow managed to make himself into a consensus Top 15 Wide Receiver, with his polished route running and his certain hands. In 2020 Allen Robinson put up 102 Receptions, 1250 Receiving Yards, and 6 Touchdowns. Per Robinson’s market value is 4 years $80,000,000. A yearly salary of $20,000,000. 

2. Kenny Golladay (27 Years Old) 

Kenny Golladay, personally my favorite Wide Receiver of this year’s free agency class. Kenny is a big body who would go up and get just about any ball. He is a quarterback best friend, a player who is always open and even if they are covered, they are open. Damn near every 50/50 ball thrown to Golladay’s general direction he’s most likely coming down with it. However, signing Golladay does come with a risk and that is injuries. Since entering the league in 2017 Golladay has missed a total of 17 games with injury and has only gone 1 season playing in each game. However, as I said in my article the other day, I believe the risk is worth the reward as Golladay had his best season as a pro that year. Per Kenny’s market value is 5 years $85,000,000. A yearly salary of $17,000,000.

3. Corey Davis (26 Years Old) 

Out of all the options I’m listing in this article, I believe the Giants securing Corey Davis’ signature is the most likely, and I would be very pleased. Coming out of Western Michigan in 2017 Corey Davis was a highly touted Receiver. Davis was looked at as the whole package coming into the NFL, a big body receiver who can go up and get it with the best of him, extremely polished route tree, allowing him to run every route in the book, and although he never got a chance to run a 40 Yard Dash for NFL teams, Davis claimed that he could run a 4.4 stating “I’d run a 4.4” in an interview pre-draft. All of this led to the Tennessee Titans selected him 5th overall, and since this pick was made Corey has been regarded as a “bust” amongst most NFL fans, however, this is FALSE, and here’s why. During Davis’ rookie campaign he dealt with multiple hamstring injuries which sidelined him for 5 games and the entirety of training camp and preseason. Corey bounced back a bit in his second year in the NFL recording 65 receptions, for 891 Receiving Yards and 4 touchdowns. This season showed what Davis could be as he was targeted over 100 times and played in all 16 games. Considering he was hurt for most of his rookie season this a damn good. However, during Corey’s 3rd year as a pro, the Titans became very run-focused and pretty much ignored the passing game the whole second half of the year having run 148 more rushing snaps than passing snaps. Because of this Corey only received 62 targets and his numbers plummeted. Nevertheless, Corey had a much better season in 2020 despite the offense still being run-heavy racking up 65 receptions for 984 yards and 5 touchdowns in only 14 games. This last season from Corey Davis still showed that the all-world talent we saw at Western Michigan is still in there and he just needs somebody just needs to unlock it. Per Davis’ market value is 4 years $40,000,000. An estimated yearly salary of $10,000,000 per year.

4. Chris Godwin (25 Years old) 

Through all the Tom Brady Lombardi Trophy throwing and the drunken Rob Gronkowski shenanigans, a little overlooked part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl parade was Chris Godwin announcing that he’s coming back and with reports that Mike Evans is willing to take a pay cut to ensure that the Tampa roster remains together, I am 99% sure that Godwin will remain in The Big Guava. However, until Jason Licht and co have his John Hancock pen to paper, anything is possible so I will be including him on this list. Godwin is a very versatile Wide Receiver capable of playing both inside or outside although Chris does do most of his work inside. In 2020 Chris Godwin totaled up 65 receptions for 840 and 7 Touchdowns. Per Godwin’s market value is 4 years $68,000,000. A yearly salary of a little over $17,100,000.

5. Curtis Samuel (24 Years Old) 

Curtis Samuel is a definition of an offensive playmaker. He is not a true #1 Wide Receiver, but with a creative enough defensive coordinator, I truly believe he can be more impactful than most #1 wide receivers in the league. However, that is the reason why I have Curtis this low o my list. His productivity is very dependent on the play calling and I’m not banking on Jason Garrett magically turning into Kyle Shanahan. In 2020 Curtis Samuel tallied 77 Receptions, 851 Yards, 3 Receiving Touchdowns, 200 Rushing Yards, and 2 Rushing Touchdowns. Per Curtis Samuel’s market value is 4 years $50,000,000. Which would total up to a yearly salary of just under $12,500,000.

Thank you for reading, Wen’S Bien-Aime signing off. Have a blessed day.

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