The Nets defeat the Suns with an absolute MASTERCLASS showing from James Harden! LeBron’s Lakers are up next on the Road Trip!

What we saw on Tuesday was greatness. James Harden is one of the greatest scorers of ALL-TIME, and that should not be up to discussion. This comeback win was so unexpected and it was incredible. The Nets defense was absolutely atrocious in the first half, it was terrible. The Suns went into the second half with a 75-54 (21 PTS) lead. I thought it was one of those nights where we don’t have the team at full power so this game is irrelevant, it meant nothing. That is until the team walks out at halftime and the Nets looked different. The defense started clicking and they looked 100% better than how they looked in the previous quarters. After the third quarter, it was 99-86 and the Nets put up 34 points, it sparked a beautiful story. Towards the end of the 4th quarter, the Nets went on a crazy run. The defense was getting stops left and right and Harden was commanding the offense at an incredible rate. However, we are the Brooklyn Nets so we have to give up a 3PT and Chris Paul made an insanely deep three. That kept the Suns in it. Then, Jeff Green received a pass from the Beard and he made a clutch THREE, 124-119 Suns. Nets get a stop and Harden as usual makes another shot, 124-121 Suns. Nets get a jump ball to go their way and Jeff Green makes an unexpected layup, 124-123 Suns. All the Nets need is one stop and they could win it. Devin Booker posts up against Landry Shamet, he goes for a jumper and MISSES IT! It’s Nets ball, you know who to give it to……. THE BEARD! James Harden COMES UP CLUTCH TO WIN IT! The Nets win 128-124, The Beard.

Nets vs. Suns, via TNT

James Harden had a great stat line, as usual:
– 38 PTS
– 11 AST
– 7 REBS
– 63.6 FG%

Next Game: vs. Lakers

This is what many are describing the “NBA Twitter Civil War,” and I understand that completely. The Nets army that is made up of real Nets fans, Harden fans, KD fans, and bandwagon fans. Then, you have the Lakers army that is made up of real Laker fans, Kobe fans, LeBron fans, and bandwagon fans. These two sides have clashed on multiple events because they truly despise each other. However, I personally believe this game doesn’t prove anything because the Nets roster is still a work in progress, Kyrie is probable, KD is out and Anthony Davis is out. Both sides are affected and none of these teams are at full strength. So, even if our Nets win we shouldn’t be acting like this is the NBA Finals, the NBA Finals will be when both teams are at full power. Now, if Harden and Kyrie are both playing the Nets should be able to take this one but if Kyrie isn’t it is likely LeBron will pull away with this one. That is unless we see another Harden MASTERCLASS! This will be a fun game but this is no NBA Finals complete matchup. Here are the game details on how to watch:

Location: Staples Center; Los Angeles, California
Time: 10PM EST
Commentators: Kevin Harlan (Play-by-play Commentator) and Reggie Miller (Color Commentator)

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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