SPRING IS HERE!! Full Yankees Spring Training Preview

   Every baseball fan’s second Christmas is HERE!! For the 3rd straight year the New York Yankees will be the AL East favorite and will be the American League favorite but will this finally be the year they get over the hump? Spring Training hasn’t been the nicest to the Yankees over the last couple of years with injuries left and right but those players have taken other approaches this offseason and are highly motivated to stay healthy the whole season. A lot of questions will be answered this spring and I’ll cover some of our questions that could be solved very soon!!.

Starting Pitching

  The Yankees picked up some big guys this offseason to improve their pitching by the names of Jameson Taillon, and former CY Young award winner Corey Kluber. But the question lies what version of these guys will the Yankees be getting, Taillon is coming off his 2nd Tommy John surgery and historically nobody has come back from 2 TJ’s but everyone in Taillon’s camp has said he’s looked better than ever. Now with Corey Kluber, he’s coming off another injury plagued season and didn’t look like Kluber but there have been reports that he wasn’t ready at all that season and probably shouldn’t have played. But his doctor has stated that Kluber’s body looks as good as ever and should be able to perform at a high level with no concern. Now onto something really heartbreaking, the Yankees didn’t re-sign Masahiro Tanaka and James Paxton 2 big pieces of this team but everyone is still mourning over the loss of Tank. The Yankees will also be getting Luis Severino back during the mid-point of the season which will be very big if he’s also the Severino of old. This rotation if they are all what they used to be will be a top 5 rotation and if they are not the same and their injuries caught up to them this could be a bottom half of the league rotation. Reminder: We have Gerrit Cole. 

Will the Injury Bug hit again?

 We are all aware of the injury bug that has plagued the Yankees over the last couple of years, we still haven’t seen a whole season of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton together yet, and we haven’t seen a healthy Yankee team since 2017. Last year during Spring Training it was Luis Severino and Aaron Judge that was hit by the injury bug and hopefully we don’t see a repeat. But according to multiple sources, Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton have taken new approaches to this offseason by cutting out weight lifting and trying new exercises like Yoga. I know if I saw Aaron Judge at my yoga place I would probably be traumatized at seeing this giant doing yoga. 

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