SPRING IS HERE!! Full Mets Spring Training Preview

   Wow what an offseason for the New York Mets they got their owner they’ve always wanted and got their star player they’ve been waiting for since Mike Piazza. Mets fans haven’t felt this good about this team since their 2015 World Series team. Let’s start off with the organization shifting moves this offseason, Steve Cohen has bought the Mets and now is the richest owner in baseball and could literally offer anyone a blank check without a problem and one of his first moves this offseason could possibly be the biggest in franchise history with the acquisition of Fransico Lindor. Lindor is debatably the best Shortstop in baseball and is one of the brightest young players that still has room to improve. Carlos Carrasco was also packaged in the Lindor trade from Cleveland and now has added yet another good arm to an already really good starting rotation and now let’s go over some questions that the Mets need to answer early for people like me to believe that this team has what it takes to win it all. 


 We all know the Mets bullpen makes everyone’s eyes bleed but they HAVE to make a big stride this year if they want to contend. They had a very under the radar pickup in early December in Trevor May who was lights out for the Twins in 2019 and hopes to continue that in 2021. Edwin Diaz was better then his historically bad 2019 season but still isn’t the closer they traded the 2nd best prospect for. Diaz is gonna be a big reason why the Mets are contenders or pretenders this season. The other guys like Seth Lugo, Familia, Loup, and Betances will have to be good as well for the Mets in the late stages of the season. This bullpen still has lots of potential and could make or break this club.


  The problem with the Mets is they start off the seasons very hot and then never keep up the same pace and that’s why a lot of people like me believed the Mets would have made the playoffs last year with a shortened season because of their history with good starts. Will they be able to keep a steady pace throughout the season but with the additions of Lindor, McCann, and Johnathan Villar will hopefully give them a better chance of that. Will that offense live up to the hype that everyone believes it could because people like me do believe if this offense can click it can 100% be a top 4 offense. 

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