Brooklyn Nets: Andre Roberson is signing with BKN! OKC Thunder Reunion? This is big news!

Woah, this was unexpected. On Tuesday morning, the Nets waived Norvel Pelle away and I was saddened because he didn’t even get to play. Then, they signed Andre Roberson and that put a smile on my face. Roberson hasn’t played since the bubble, but he is a solid perimeter defender and lord knows we need that badly. We even saw it versus the Suns last night, Chris Paul was shooting from way deep with not a single defender in his face and made it. My only concern about acquiring Roberson is his availability. Nash does not know how to manage his players. He relies too much on the Big Three. He plays them all the time and doesn’t let guys like Pelle or Vonleh have a chance and play. However, Roberson is a long-time friend of Kevin Durant since their days in OKC. I really hopes this works out.

How does this help?

Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman

It is no secret that the Nets defense is very shaky to say the least. We have a bad interior and perimeter defense, meaning the defense in the paint and 3PT line. Roberson is known for his defensive abilities and if we can get that we will be so much better. However, I hope he is given a strictly defensive role and not an offensive role. He is known to be a offensive liability and he doesn’t really hit his shots. That is ok though because we have three of the best offensive players in the league, maybe the best offensive players in the game. Apparently, without him the Thunder had bad defensive games and moments. According to NBA.com, “The Thunder were 11.2 points per 100 possessions better defensively with Andre Roberson on the floor (allowing 96.4) than they were with him off the floor (107.6).” That’s an interesting stat, I hope it works out in Brooklyn with him. Even though we need interior big men, this is a good signing. He has had some injures and time out of the league. The best year he’s had in recent time was in 2017-18. These were his stats in 2017-18:
– 5.0 PPG
– 1.2 AST
– 4.7 REBS
– 1.2 STL
– 0.9 BLK
– .537 FG%
– 26.6 MINS
– 39 GP

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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