Super Bowl LV Preview! Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers! How to watch and Predictions!

It is that time of the year Ladies and Gentlemen, the final game of the season…… it is Super Bowl Sunday! Take a guess who’s back…. Tom Brady is back in the Super Bowl. This time he’s not wearing a Patriot Jersey, but he’s a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. He will be going up against “The Kid,” Patrick Mahomes! Many call this matchup the “GOAT v. The Kid,” and that is a very valid title for this game. Many thought this would be the Super Bowl matchup ever since Tom went to Tampa. Those people we’re right and this Super Bowl matchup is loaded. You’ve got Brady, Rojo, Fournette, AB, Evans, Godwin, Miller, Gronk, and Brate on the Bucs versus Mahomes, Clyde, LevBell, Hill, Watkins, Robinson, Hardman, and Kelce on the offense for KC. Then on the defense you’ve got Devin White, Lavonte David, Vita Vea, Ndamaking Suh, JPP, Shaq Barrett, and Winfield for Tampa versus Chris Jones, Frank Clark, Anthony Hitchens, Juan Thornhill, L’Jarius Sneed, Daniel Sorenson, and the Honey Badger for KC. These teams are stacked and will put on a show!

KC’s Key to Victory

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The Chiefs have done this already, they are the reigning Super Bowl champions. They’ve been on the big stage and know how to execute a successful gameplan. The key to victory is simple, protect Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs will be without their starting tackles, (RT) Mitchell Schwartz and (LT) Eric Fisher. It’s going to be a tough day for (LT) Martinas Rankin and (RT) Mike Remmers since they will be facing Jason Pierre-Paul and Shaq Barrett. Fisher and Schwartz are a huge reason why the Chiefs have been so successful. Fisher was a Pro-Bowler this past year and Schwartz is a former All-Pro tackle. We all saw what JPP and Barrett did to Aaron Rodgers in the NFC Championship game. Patrick Mahomes is a very talented QB we all know that but those tackles have to give him time to throw it up to Hill/Kelce. Another key to the victory is that running game, they need CEH and Bell to show up today and be ready to go. You can’t throw the ball the entire 60 minutes, especially in the Super Bowl. My key players to look at are Mecole Hardman/Sammy Watkins, Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Tyreek Hill. Mecole and Sammy will benefit from the double coverage Hill and Kelce will receive, that should give them open lanes. As I said before, CEH needs to show up so this running game can be established. Hill is a speedy demon and I’ll never doubt him, he can get open whenever he pleases to. This Chiefs offense has faced a respected and elite defense in the Super Bowl once before, the question is can he figure them out again? We’ll have to wait to see but on the offensive side they need to protect Patrick and the running game needs to be valid.

The Chiefs also have to play defense. Everyone and their mother knows that the easiest way to slow down any traditional QB is to get after him and apply as much pressure as they can. It’ll be on Chris Jones to rush up the middle and Frank Clark to apply pressure on the end. Not only do they have to apply pressure but they have to find a way to minimize that insane WR group. There’s no way you can stop all 5 of those talented receivers, but you have to find a way to slow them down. Defensive Coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo has done an incredible job with this defense in these past two years. Before he showed up, the defense was a liability and it stumped the team’s growth. Ever since he entered in 2020, the defense has been a strength for this team and quite underrated. My key players too look at are Chris Jones, Honey Badger and L’Jarius Sneed. Jones is going to need to rush up the middle to pressure Brady. Badger is going to have to be intense and make sure the Chiefs passing defense doesn’t give up a huge play and we’ll have to wait and see if L’Jarius Sneed continues to blossom in his rookie season. This defense has a lot of potential but can they get the job done? We’ll have to wait and see.

TB’s Key to Victory


It’s very simple, don’t become the Saints. The one issue I’ve had with the Bucs is that they get too pass happy. They forget that you can run the ball and their offense becomes very predictable. You have Fournette and Rojo available, use them. Another worry I have is the raw experience this team has. Brady and Gronk are the only players on this team with extreme Super Bowl experience, so they won’t be afraid or nervous. Today we’ll find out who is big time and who is scared. My key players to look out for on this Tampa offense is Chris Godwin and Scotty Miller. Godwin is a very underrated receiver and when he’s fed he goes off, also Brady seems to trust him. Scotty Miller is another underrated target that Brady seems to have a connection with. He’s like his Edelmen or Welker in Tampa. This offense needs to keep Mahomes sitting on the sidelines, I want to see a nice combinations of runs and passes. That’ll win this Super Bowl for the Bucs.

This Tampa defense is a hungry group. The group is led by former Jets HC, Todd Bowles as their defensive coordinator and he’s been looking terrific. He has the perfect group of animals on this defense. He’s got Shaq Barrett and JPP on the edge and we saw how good they can be. On the IDL, he’s got Vita Vea, Ndamaking Suh, and Steve McLendon! His linebackers are the Swiss Army knife, Devin White and Lavonte David. Then, he’s got Winfield, Whitehead, Murphy-Bunting, and Davis as the defensive backs. This defense is all-around stacked. Their key to victory is slow down Mahomes. There’s no way you can stop him or his elite targets, but all you need to do is slow him down so you can give Brady the ball so he can do his thing. It’s very simple, we’ll see if they are up for the task.

How/Where to Watch:

  • Feburary 7th at 6:30 PM EST
  • On CBS,, or CBS
  • At Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, Florida)
  • Jim Nantz (Play-by-play) and Tony Romo (Color) will be calling the game.


I’ve got the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning, 34-27. It’ll be an intense game and go down to the wire but I think Brady will get that last possession and his greatness/experience will show.

Wens has Bucs 55-41, high scoring but Brady takes it in the end.

Matt has Chiefs 35-31, because Patrick Mahomes.

Marcin has Bucs 28-24, Bucs defense will press Pat every play, Kelce will be covered well and Tom Brady is Tom Brady

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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