BREAKING: Trevor Bauer is signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Trevor Troll Train is over. The NL Cy Young winner signed a 3 year deal worth $102 million deal that has opt-outs after the first and second year. He got PAID! He is due to earn $40M in 2021, $45M in 2022, and $17M in 2023. It’s crazy to think that he’s the second highest paid athlete in the world, behind Lionel Messi (Soccer). The Mets were the apparent runner-ups for the NL Cy Young winner. Jon Heyman said this was the Mets’ offer:

@JonHeyman via Twitter

It wasn’t too far off the Dodgers deal. However, the Mets didn’t exactly need another starting pitcher. They have deGrom, Carrasco, Stroman, and will have Syndergaard. What they need is relief pitching. Not getting Springer, Realmuto, LeMahieu, Hand, or Ozuna is a let down though. RP Trevor Rosenthal is still in the picture, that’s a name that the Mets can go after to bolster up that bullpen. Plus, I don’t like that deal for the Mets. He was paid too much money and he wouldn’t be the Ace on the Mets. He’s not even the Ace or the backup Ace for the Dodgers. Cohen was smart for not going above his price and giving him a deadline to accept the contract. He’s certainly not someone that will get pushed around when it comes to contract negotiations. The Mets still got Lindor this offseason which is HUGE! They just need to work on a long-term extension with Lindor and the Mets already have a nice team. They’ll certainly be in the mix for the NL East.

AP/Aaron Doster

Onto the Dodgers, this move made some sense. They are paying a third rotation starter $40M in 2021, incredible. Bauer had a 5-4 record, 1.73 ERA in 11 starts. It was only a 60-game season and in my opinion he was overpaid. Which shouldn’t be up for debate, he should not be paid more than LeBron James. It is ridiculous that the Dodgers signed him. I do got to say they have matched the Padres rotation and proved that their rotation is POWERFUL! Their batting lineup is just as good. Their only worry is the bullpen, but even at that the bullpen is nice. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dodgers repeat, this team is so stacked. Padres versus Dodgers is going to be FUN! Imagine that 5 or 7 game series. Buehler vs. Snell, Kershaw vs. Darvish, Bauer vs. Lamet, Price vs. Musgrove, and Urías vs. Paddack. The Padres don’t even have Clevinger yet, imagine when they do. The NL West is going to be an interesting division.

I personally feel that Trevor and his representatives took this free agency as a joke. They kept trolling all these fans and kept going after reporters. His people even put up Trevor Bauer Mets and Dodgers merchandise. It was inappropriate and immature to play with fans’ emotions. He ended up getting the big money salary and he goes back to his home state, California. I’m still shocked that the Dodgers paid him that much when they still need to sign Bellinger, Seager, Kershaw, Janson, and Price to an extension. However, this should be a wake-up call to the Yankees to SPEND MONEY! Yes I understand that we lost to the Rays, who had a low payroll but when there is a player you may need that is available, SIGN HIM! Who cares about a second threshold, the Boss didn’t. I hope the Yankees wake up and some sign bullpen relievers.

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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