New York Jets

BREAKING: Star QB Deshaun Watson has requested a trade from the Houston Texans! HELLO Jet Fans! Here’s the timeline.

BREAKING: The most unthinkable thing has occurred that will inevitably change the way the NFL is ran. A FRANCHISE QB has requested a trade from their team, and will likely get that trade. INSANE! As we all know Deshaun Watson is a 3x Pro Bowler and led the league in 2020 for most passing yards. He has multiple CFB accolades that includes a National Championship (2016), National Championship MVP (2016), Heisman Trophy Finalist (2015-16), and ACC Player of the Year (2015). These were his stats in 2020:
– 4, 823 Passing Yards
– 33 TDs
– 7 INTs
– 70.2% Completion Percentage
– 112.4 QBR

The first to report on this trade request was Adam Schefter on Twitter, ESPN also reported that he requested the trade WEEKS ago. So, this had been in the works for a while. We know all the rumors but now it is official, he does not want to be a Texan. In the past, it wouldn’t be such a big deal but now players have more power and can get out of a situation they don’t want to be in. Deshaun is a franchise QB and what the Texans team and organization did to him was a big deal. They traded his best target, DeAndre Hopkins, for a package that wasn’t as valuable. He wasn’t triggered by it, however at the end of the year the Owner, Cal McNair told him he’d involve him in the GM/HC search. Then, they hired Nick Caserio for the GM spot without talking to Watson. This led to Deshaun tweeting, “I was on 2 then I took it to 10” that means that he was at a rate of 2/10 (anger) when they traded Hopkins but now he’s 10/10 mad. That is what really sparked all the trade rumors and it is reported that the only way Deshaun will stay in Houston is if Cal McNair were to fire Cal McNair, which is impossible because I highly doubt he sells the team.

Now many were quick to say he would decline a trade to the Jets because he has a no-trade clause. However, he has liked Jets related tweets and his marketing agent, Bryan Burney, has also liked and said he’d want Deshaun in a Jets uniform. It is reported Deshaun loves the Jets HC, Robert Saleh and wanted the Texans to interview (which they didn’t). Here are the series of tweets and likes showing Deshaun wants out and may want to be a Jet.

In the first picture, Deshaun liked a tweet from Adam Schefter saying that the Jets are able to put together a compelling trade package for Watson. In picture two, Deshaun’s marketing agent Bryan Burney liked a tweet from WFAN’s Craig Carton saying that the Jets should contact Deshaun’s agent and make this [trade] happen since Deshaun was in NY. In picture three, Deshaun liked a Instagram post of the New York Post back page saying the Jets should make an offer the Texans can’t refuse for Watson. The next slide was a video, in which Deshaun’s agent said we want this car to be green, they want it to be Jet green. In the final picture, it wasn’t a liked tweet from the Watson crew but it was Rich Cimini basically confirming that Michael Kay said Watson’s agent is pushing a NYJ trade. He didn’t say “this is true” but he did reply to it saying “FYI: It’s Kay, no e.” because the person had misspelled Michael Kay’s name. Why would Cimini reply to a lie, all the stars are aligning for the Jets. We have a great GM and coach, we have a plethora of options at QB. Life is good for the Jets right now. This has been Jose Calderon III from FiveBoroughDispatch, have a good evening!

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