BREAKING: DJ LeMahieu Signs 6 yrs/ $90 M

 David John LeMahieu is BACK!! The Yankees have finally resigned their most consistent bat over the last 2 years. The New York’s version of the grim reaper has returned home on a bargain of $15 M/ per year. DJ LeMahieu has been top 3 in AL MVP voting in back to back years, would have been the 2nd basemen in the All Star game for the 2nd year in a row, and was top 2 in AL BA the last 2 years. In the shortened 2020 season DJ line was .364 BA, 10 HR, 27 RBI, .590 SLG%, 1.011 OPS, 177 OPS+, and a 3.0 WAR. DJ was #1 priority on the Yankees list and they made that very clear. DJ has put the Yankees right back on top of the rankings and hopefully Cashman can put more Starting Pitching around the Gerrit Cole but right now I’m very happy about the resigning of DJ and hopefully his production can stay the same and shut up the haters that don’t think he’s worth $90 M.

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