BREAKING: Mets ACQUIRE Francisco Lindor

    WOW!! JUST WOW!! The Mets have possibly made the biggest trade in franchise history and possibly have changed the direction of their franchise for years to come. Francisco Lindor is debatably the best SS in baseball and Steve Cohen somehow got him for literally nothing. Lindor did have a down 2020 season but it was 2020 and everybody knows that wasn’t the real Lindor. Lindor is gonna bring an elite presence to NY, an elite bat, and good solid defense. The Mets now have their star player they’ve always looked for and might be the piece that’ll put them over the top. In 2019, Lindor had 32 HR, 74 RBI’s, a .284 BA, .854 OPS, 118 OPS +, and a 4.4 WAR. As you see here the stats show that Lindor is an elite SS and if he gets extended the Yankees might some competition in town. 

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