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BREAKING: Adam Gase is fired! Ding Dong, the witch is dead! The Jets lose season finale to the Pats, 28-14. Game Recap, Takeaways, Positives and Negatives.

Ahahaha! The Adam Gase Era with the New York Jets, has been declared over as of 9:05 PM EST, Jan 3. 2021. It was a long time coming, he ruined Sammy but he’s done terrorizing the Jets, for now. In the season finale, the Jets faced the Cam Newton led Patriots and were beaten by 14 points in Foxborough. It was an ugly loss.

Game Recap:

On the first drive, New England was marching down field. Cam Newton looked pretty good and the Jets defense couldn’t say the same. Cam connected with James White for a TD to give them a 7-0 lead. The Jets respond with a punt and the next 5 possessions are punts. Until the Jets finally get it going and Darnold connects with Chris Herndon to tie the game. The Pats respond with a punt and we head to HT. The Jets receive the ball first in the second half, and they don’t waste anytime. Sam led the charge downfield for a Josh Adams TD, 14-7 Jets. The Pats punt and the Jets punt on their next possessions. The Pats wake up and Cam connects with Meyers for a TD, 14-14. Jets get a little something going on their next drive. That is until the ball is intercepted by J.C. Jackson and the Pats get the ball back. Cam connects with rookie TE Devin Asiasi, 21-14 Patriots. Jets respond with a punt and Cam connects with Sony Michel for yet another TD, 28-14 Patriots. On their last drive, Sam Darnold gets downfield and he’s intercepted by Jonathan Jackson. Pats punt it away and that’ll be all. Sam threw one pass after the Pats punted it, but if he didn’t get a completion the media would’ve raved about it. The reason would be that his first pass as a Jet was a INT and his hypothetically last pass as a Jet would’ve been an INT. Ahhh Adam Gase, I’m glad your gone.



1. Interceptions: This Sunday likely marked the end of the Sam Darnold and NY Jets era. As sad as it is to say that it is likely time to move on from Sammy. Not only to help us but to help his career. He needs a change of scenery and it hurts to say this but he will be someone else’s franchise, super bowl winning HC. I’m gonna miss QB1 but it’s only for his own good. We should likely draft a QB this year, but I trust Joe Douglas with all of his decisions. He is a brilliant man with a phenomenal background, he’s done it all and definitely seen it all. #WeTrustInJoeDouglas

2. Injures: It is getting really annoying to see our rookies get injured week in and week out. This week Mekhi and Mims got injured. Mekhi needs to get some conditioning done this offseason like Quinnen did, so he can have a spectacular year. The best part is that nobody needs to tell him that because he already knows. I trust the big guy, turn that body into muscle! He’ll throwing DLinemen out of the way like a FREIGHT TRAIN!


1. WR Core: The WRs actually did pretty nice, number wise. Perriman had 84 yards off of 3 receptions and 6 targets, Herndon with 63 yards off of 7 receptions and 9 targets, Crowder with 31 yard off of 4 receptions and 4 targets, Ty Johnson with 23 yards off of 2 receptions and 2 targets, Berrios with 20 off of 3 receptions and 3 targets, Daniel Brown with 18 yards off of 1 reception and 1 target, and lastly Mims with 15 yards off of 1 reception and 2 targets. I’d like to see more of Mims to be honest. I wish he got his first career TD this year.

2. Jets DL and Maye: With Quinnen being out again, there was a hole in the DL. However, the rest of the DL went crazy and showed up! The Jets had a total of 3 sacks with UDFA Bryce Huff (1.0 sacks), Tarell Basham (0.5 sacks), Bryce Hager (0.5 sacks) and Frankie Luvu (1.0 sacks) all taking a piece of the cake. Marcus Maye showed up with 10 total tackles and a tackle for a loss. Please resign him, Joe Douglas!

3. Coach vacancy: With the firing of Adam Gase, there is finally a slot for a new head coach. In his two years as Jets coach he has a 9-23 record, that is quite awful. He finishes as one of the worst Jets HC’s in the franchises’ history. To those who think it’s ruthless to root for a man to lose his job during a pandemic just know that he is being paid for the next two years. He is also rumored to get a job with either of the two most brilliant minds in football, Bill Belichick and/or Nick Saban.

Thanks for reading everybody. This has been Jose Calderon III with FiveBoroughDispatch, have a great day; everybody!

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